Package structs contains structs that are reused in multiple locations.



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    type DeployEventData

    type DeployEventData struct {
    	// Writer is being deprecated in favor of using Response as a ReadWriter. 01/03/2017
    	Writer io.Writer
    	Response       io.ReadWriter
    	DeploymentInfo *DeploymentInfo
    	RequestBody    io.Reader

      DeployEventData has a RequestBody and DeploymentInfo.

      type DeploymentInfo

      type DeploymentInfo struct {
      	ArtifactURL          string `json:"artifact_url"`
      	Manifest             string `json:"manifest"`
      	Username             string
      	Password             string
      	Environment          string
      	Org                  string
      	Space                string
      	AppName              string
      	UUID                 string
      	SkipSSL              bool
      	Instances            uint16
      	Domain               string
      	AppPath              string
      	EnvironmentVariables map[string]string `json:"environment_variables"`
      	HealthCheckEndpoint  string            `json:"health_check_endpoint"`
      	// Generic map used for users to provide their own deployment properties in JSON format.
      	Data map[string]interface{} `json:"data"`

        DeploymentInfo is a collection of properties necessary for a deployment.

        type Event

        type Event struct {
        	Type string
        	Data interface{}

          Event has a type and event Data.

          type PrecheckerEventData

          type PrecheckerEventData struct {
          	Environment config.Environment
          	Description string

            PrecheckerEventData has Environment variables and a description.

            type PushEventData

            type PushEventData struct {
            	AppPath         string
            	FoundationURL   string
            	TempAppWithUUID string
            	DeploymentInfo *DeploymentInfo
            	Courier        interface{}
            	Response       io.ReadWriter

              PushEventData has a RequestBody and DeploymentInfo.