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var ErrDestroyRefused = errors.New("not-permitted-to-destroy-as-requested")
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var ErrForbidden = internal.ErrForbidden
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var ErrUnauthorized = internal.ErrUnauthorized


func NameRequiredError

func NameRequiredError(thing string) error


type CheckResourceError

type CheckResourceError struct {

func (CheckResourceError) Error

func (checkResourceError CheckResourceError) Error() string

type Client

type Client interface {
	URL() string
	HTTPClient() *http.Client
	Builds(Page) ([]atc.Build, Pagination, error)
	Build(buildID string) (atc.Build, bool, error)
	BuildEvents(buildID string) (Events, error)
	BuildResources(buildID int) (atc.BuildInputsOutputs, bool, error)
	AbortBuild(buildID string) error
	BuildPlan(buildID int) (atc.PublicBuildPlan, bool, error)
	SendInputToBuildPlan(buildID int, planID atc.PlanID, src io.Reader) (bool, error)
	ReadOutputFromBuildPlan(buildID int, planID atc.PlanID) (io.ReadCloser, bool, error)
	SaveWorker(atc.Worker, *time.Duration) (*atc.Worker, error)
	ListWorkers() ([]atc.Worker, error)
	PruneWorker(workerName string) error
	GetInfo() (atc.Info, error)
	GetCLIReader(arch, platform string) (io.ReadCloser, http.Header, error)
	ListPipelines() ([]atc.Pipeline, error)
	ListTeams() ([]atc.Team, error)
	Team(teamName string) Team

func NewClient

func NewClient(apiURL string, httpClient *http.Client, tracing bool) Client

type ConfigWarning

type ConfigWarning struct {
	Type    string `json:"type"`
	Message string `json:"message"`

type Events

type Events interface {
	NextEvent() (atc.Event, error)
	Close() error

type Page

type Page struct {
	Since int
	Until int
	Limit int

func (Page) QueryParams

func (p Page) QueryParams() url.Values

type Pagination

type Pagination struct {
	Next     *Page
	Previous *Page

type PipelineConfigError

type PipelineConfigError struct {
	ErrorMessages []string

func (PipelineConfigError) Error

func (pipelineConfigError PipelineConfigError) Error() string

type PruneWorkerError

type PruneWorkerError struct {

func (PruneWorkerError) Error

func (e PruneWorkerError) Error() string

type Team

type Team interface {
	Name() string

	CreateOrUpdate(team atc.Team) (atc.Team, bool, bool, error)
	RenameTeam(teamName, name string) (bool, error)
	DestroyTeam(teamName string) error

	Pipeline(name string) (atc.Pipeline, bool, error)
	PipelineBuilds(pipelineName string, page Page) ([]atc.Build, Pagination, bool, error)
	DeletePipeline(pipelineName string) (bool, error)
	PausePipeline(pipelineName string) (bool, error)
	UnpausePipeline(pipelineName string) (bool, error)
	ExposePipeline(pipelineName string) (bool, error)
	HidePipeline(pipelineName string) (bool, error)
	RenamePipeline(pipelineName, name string) (bool, error)
	PauseResource(pipelineName string, resourceName string) (bool, error)
	UnpauseResource(pipelineName string, resourceName string) (bool, error)
	ListPipelines() ([]atc.Pipeline, error)
	PipelineConfig(pipelineName string) (atc.Config, atc.RawConfig, string, bool, error)
	CreateOrUpdatePipelineConfig(pipelineName string, configVersion string, passedConfig []byte, checkCredentials bool) (bool, bool, []ConfigWarning, error)

	CreatePipelineBuild(pipelineName string, plan atc.Plan) (atc.Build, error)

	BuildInputsForJob(pipelineName string, jobName string) ([]atc.BuildInput, bool, error)

	Job(pipelineName, jobName string) (atc.Job, bool, error)
	JobBuild(pipelineName, jobName, buildName string) (atc.Build, bool, error)
	JobBuilds(pipelineName string, jobName string, page Page) ([]atc.Build, Pagination, bool, error)
	CreateJobBuild(pipelineName string, jobName string) (atc.Build, error)
	ListJobs(pipelineName string) ([]atc.Job, error)

	PauseJob(pipelineName string, jobName string) (bool, error)
	UnpauseJob(pipelineName string, jobName string) (bool, error)

	ClearTaskCache(pipelineName string, jobName string, stepName string, cachePath string) (int64, error)

	Resource(pipelineName string, resourceName string) (atc.Resource, bool, error)
	VersionedResourceTypes(pipelineName string) (atc.VersionedResourceTypes, bool, error)
	ResourceVersions(pipelineName string, resourceName string, page Page) ([]atc.VersionedResource, Pagination, bool, error)
	CheckResource(pipelineName string, resourceName string, version atc.Version) (bool, error)
	CheckResourceType(pipelineName string, resourceTypeName string) (bool, error)
	DisableResourceVersion(pipelineName string, resourceName string, resourceVersionID int) (bool, error)
	EnableResourceVersion(pipelineName string, resourceName string, resourceVersionID int) (bool, error)

	BuildsWithVersionAsInput(pipelineName string, resourceName string, resourceVersionID int) ([]atc.Build, bool, error)
	BuildsWithVersionAsOutput(pipelineName string, resourceName string, resourceVersionID int) ([]atc.Build, bool, error)

	ListContainers(queryList map[string]string) ([]atc.Container, error)
	ListVolumes() ([]atc.Volume, error)
	CreateBuild(plan atc.Plan) (atc.Build, error)
	Builds(page Page) ([]atc.Build, Pagination, error)
	OrderingPipelines(pipelineNames []string) error


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