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Bundling prebuilt librdkafka

confluent-kafka-go bundles prebuilt statically linked versions of librdkafka for the following platforms:

  • MacOSX x64 (aka Darwin)
  • Linux glibc x64 (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc)
  • Linux musl x64 (Alpine)

Update bundled libraries

On each platform where a native static librdkafka has been built, run from this directory, passing the librdkafka build directory as well as the platform (linux or darwin (osx)), and in the case of linux also if the build was using glibc or musl (alpine).

# On OSX:
$ ./ ~/src/librdkafka darwin

# On Ubuntu, CentOS,
$ ./ ~/src/librdkafka linux glibc

# On Alpine:
$ ./ ~/src/librdkafka linux musl

This will copy the static library and the rdkafka.h header file to this directory, as well as generate a new ../build_..go file for this platform + variant.

Repeat the process for darwin, linux glibc and linux alpine.

IMPORTANT: The librdkafka version (tag) must be identical for all platforms and variants.




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var LibrdkafkaVersion int = C.RD_KAFKA_VERSION

LibrdkafkaVersion is a numeric representation of the librdkafka version linked statically with this build.


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