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type AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep

type AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep Aggregates step

func (*AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep) Context

Context Aggregates step

func (*AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep) Exec

Exec Aggregates step

func (*AggregatesGremlinTraversalStep) Reduce

Reduce Aggregates step

type CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep

type CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep capture step

func (*CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep) Context

Context step

func (*CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep) Exec

Exec Capture step

func (*CaptureNodeGremlinTraversalStep) Reduce

Reduce Capture step

type FlowGremlinTraversalStep

type FlowGremlinTraversalStep struct {
	TableClient *flow.TableClient
	Storage     storage.Storage
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FlowGremlinTraversalStep a flow Gremlin language step

func (*FlowGremlinTraversalStep) Context

Context flow step

func (*FlowGremlinTraversalStep) Exec

Exec flow step

func (*FlowGremlinTraversalStep) Reduce

Reduce flow step

type FlowTraversalExtension

type FlowTraversalExtension struct {
	FlowToken        traversal.Token
	HopsToken        traversal.Token
	NodesToken       traversal.Token
	CaptureNodeToken traversal.Token
	AggregatesToken  traversal.Token
	TableClient      *flow.TableClient
	Storage          storage.Storage

FlowTraversalExtension describes flows in a graph Gremlin language extension

func NewFlowTraversalExtension

func NewFlowTraversalExtension(client *flow.TableClient, storage storage.Storage) *FlowTraversalExtension

NewFlowTraversalExtension creates a new flow tranversal extension for Gremlin parser

func (*FlowTraversalExtension) ParseStep

ParseStep creates steps from token

func (*FlowTraversalExtension) ScanIdent

func (e *FlowTraversalExtension) ScanIdent(s string) (traversal.Token, bool)

ScanIdent tokenize the step

type FlowTraversalStep

type FlowTraversalStep struct {
	GraphTraversal *traversal.GraphTraversal
	Storage        storage.Storage
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FlowTraversalStep a flow step linked to a storage

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Both

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Both(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

Both way step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) CaptureNode

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) CaptureNode(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

CaptureNode step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Count

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Count(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalValue

Count step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Dedup

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Dedup(keys ...interface{}) *FlowTraversalStep

Dedup deduplicate step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Error

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Error() error

Error returns tranversal error

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Has

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Has(s ...interface{}) *FlowTraversalStep

Has step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Hops

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Hops(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

Hops step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) In

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) In(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

In way step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) MarshalJSON

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON serialize in JSON

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Metrics

Metrics returns flow mertics interface counters

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Nodes

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Nodes(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

Nodes step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Out

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Out(s ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalV

Out way step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) PropertyKeys

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) PropertyKeys(keys ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalValue

PropertyKeys returns a flow fileds

func (*FlowTraversalStep) PropertyValues

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) PropertyValues(keys ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalValue

PropertyValues returns a flow field value

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Sort

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Sort(keys ...interface{}) *FlowTraversalStep

Sort step

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Sum

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Sum(keys ...interface{}) *traversal.GraphTraversalValue

Sum aggregates integer values mapped by 'key' cross flows

func (*FlowTraversalStep) Values

func (f *FlowTraversalStep) Values() []interface{}

Values returns flows

type HopsGremlinTraversalStep

type HopsGremlinTraversalStep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HopsGremlinTraversalStep hops step

func (*HopsGremlinTraversalStep) Context

Context hops step

func (*HopsGremlinTraversalStep) Exec

Exec hops step

func (*HopsGremlinTraversalStep) Reduce

Reduce hops step

type NodesGremlinTraversalStep

type NodesGremlinTraversalStep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodesGremlinTraversalStep nodes step

func (*NodesGremlinTraversalStep) Context

Context Nodes step

func (*NodesGremlinTraversalStep) Exec

Exec Nodes step

func (*NodesGremlinTraversalStep) Reduce

Reduce Nodes step

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