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func Add

func Add(summary string, description string, start string, end string, colorID string)

Add takes in an event info and adds to google cal

func AuthUser

func AuthUser() error

AuthUser sends request to google to create JWT token for user

func DeleteItem

func DeleteItem(index int) error

DeleteItem allows user to delete events by inputting index equal to the show command

func Find

func Find(eventName string) ([]byte, error)

Find returns information about specific event (if exists)

func FixTime

func FixTime(timeStr string) (time.Time, error)

FixTime takes in user inputted time string and converts it to a time.Time object that Add function will take in

func Index

func Index() ([][]byte, error)

Index returns slice of all upcoming event objects

func MakeIDMap

func MakeIDMap()

MakeIDMap makes map of event name, id pairs is a gouroutine that runs in the background every n minutes

func QuickAdd

func QuickAdd(eventText string)

QuickAdd takes a string and adds an hour event at current time

func Remove

func Remove(eventName string) error

Remove removes specified event from your calendar

func UpdateMap

func UpdateMap()

UpdateMap is a goroutine that keeps the event, id map updated it reads from the idMapCh


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