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func DryRunStaticPodUpgrade

func DryRunStaticPodUpgrade(internalcfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

    DryRunStaticPodUpgrade fakes an upgrade of the control plane

    func EnforceVersionPolicies

    func EnforceVersionPolicies(newK8sVersionStr string, newK8sVersion *version.Version, flags *applyFlags, versionGetter upgrade.VersionGetter) error

      EnforceVersionPolicies makes sure that the version the user specified is valid to upgrade to There are both fatal and skippable (with --force) errors

      func GetPathManagerForUpgrade

      func GetPathManagerForUpgrade(internalcfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, etcdUpgrade bool) (upgrade.StaticPodPathManager, error)

        GetPathManagerForUpgrade returns a path manager properly configured for the given InitConfiguration.

        func InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade

        func InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade(question string) error

          InteractivelyConfirmUpgrade asks the user whether they _really_ want to upgrade.

          func NewCmdApply

          func NewCmdApply(apf *applyPlanFlags) *cobra.Command

            NewCmdApply returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade apply`

            func NewCmdDiff

            func NewCmdDiff(out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

              NewCmdDiff returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade diff`

              func NewCmdNode

              func NewCmdNode() *cobra.Command

                NewCmdNode returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade node`

                func NewCmdPlan

                func NewCmdPlan(apf *applyPlanFlags) *cobra.Command

                  NewCmdPlan returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade plan`

                  func NewCmdUpgrade

                  func NewCmdUpgrade(out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

                    NewCmdUpgrade returns the cobra command for `kubeadm upgrade`

                    func NewCmdUpgradeControlPlane

                    func NewCmdUpgradeControlPlane() *cobra.Command

                      NewCmdUpgradeControlPlane returns the cobra.Command for upgrading the controlplane instance on this node

                      func NewCmdUpgradeNodeConfig

                      func NewCmdUpgradeNodeConfig() *cobra.Command

                        NewCmdUpgradeNodeConfig returns the cobra.Command for downloading the new/upgrading the kubelet configuration from the kubelet-config-1.X ConfigMap in the cluster

                        func PerformControlPlaneUpgrade

                        func PerformControlPlaneUpgrade(flags *applyFlags, client clientset.Interface, waiter apiclient.Waiter, internalcfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

                          PerformControlPlaneUpgrade actually performs the upgrade procedure for the cluster of your type (self-hosted or static-pod-hosted)

                          func PerformStaticPodUpgrade

                          func PerformStaticPodUpgrade(client clientset.Interface, waiter apiclient.Waiter, internalcfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, etcdUpgrade bool) error

                            PerformStaticPodUpgrade performs the upgrade of the control plane components for a static pod hosted cluster

                            func RunUpgradeControlPlane

                            func RunUpgradeControlPlane(flags *controlplaneUpgradeFlags) error

                              RunUpgradeControlPlane is executed when `kubeadm upgrade node controlplane` runs.

                              func RunUpgradeNodeConfig

                              func RunUpgradeNodeConfig(flags *nodeUpgradeFlags) error

                                RunUpgradeNodeConfig is executed when `kubeadm upgrade node config` runs.


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