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Package forkid implements EIP-2124 (



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var (
	// ErrRemoteStale is returned by the validator if a remote fork checksum is a
	// subset of our already applied forks, but the announced next fork block is
	// not on our already passed chain.
	ErrRemoteStale = errors.New("remote needs update")

	// ErrLocalIncompatibleOrStale is returned by the validator if a remote fork
	// checksum does not match any local checksum variation, signalling that the
	// two chains have diverged in the past at some point (possibly at genesis).
	ErrLocalIncompatibleOrStale = errors.New("local incompatible or needs update")


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type Filter

type Filter func(id ID) error

Filter is a fork id filter to validate a remotely advertised ID.

func NewFilter

func NewFilter(chain *core.BlockChain) Filter

NewFilter creates a filter that returns if a fork ID should be rejected or not based on the local chain's status.

func NewStaticFilter

func NewStaticFilter(config *params.ChainConfig, genesis common.Hash) Filter

NewStaticFilter creates a filter at block zero.

type ID

type ID struct {
	Hash [4]byte // CRC32 checksum of the genesis block and passed fork block numbers
	Next uint64  // Block number of the next upcoming fork, or 0 if no forks are known

ID is a fork identifier as defined by EIP-2124.

func NewID

func NewID(chain *core.BlockChain) ID

NewID calculates the Ethereum fork ID from the chain config and head.

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