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type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(uint64, interface{})

HandlerFunc is used to handle new data

type WatchFunc

type WatchFunc func(*WatchPlan) (uint64, interface{}, error)

WatchFunc is used to watch for a diff

type WatchPlan

type WatchPlan struct {
	Datacenter string
	Token      string
	Type       string
	Exempt     map[string]interface{}

	Func      WatchFunc
	Handler   HandlerFunc
	LogOutput io.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WatchPlan is the parsed version of a watch specification. A watch provides the details of a query, which generates a view into the Consul data store. This view is watched for changes and a handler is invoked to take any appropriate actions.

func Parse

func Parse(params map[string]interface{}) (*WatchPlan, error)

Parse takes a watch query and compiles it into a WatchPlan or an error

func ParseExempt

func ParseExempt(params map[string]interface{}, exempt []string) (*WatchPlan, error)

ParseExempt takes a watch query and compiles it into a WatchPlan or an error Any exempt parameters are stored in the Exempt map

func (*WatchPlan) Run

func (p *WatchPlan) Run(address string) error

Run is used to run a watch plan

func (*WatchPlan) Stop

func (p *WatchPlan) Stop()

Stop is used to stop running the watch plan

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