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func LogURIGenerator

func LogURIGenerator(scheme string, path string, args map[string]string) (*url.URL, error)

    LogURIGenerator is the helper to generate log uri with specific scheme.

    func WithStdio

    func WithStdio(opt *Streams)

      WithStdio sets stream options to the standard input/output streams

      func WithTerminal

      func WithTerminal(opt *Streams)

        WithTerminal sets the terminal option


        type Attach

        type Attach func(*FIFOSet) (IO, error)

          Attach allows callers to reattach to running tasks

          There should only be one reader for a task's IO set because fifo's can only be read from one reader or the output will be sent only to the first reads

          func NewAttach

          func NewAttach(opts ...Opt) Attach

            NewAttach attaches the existing io for a task to the provided io.Reader/Writers

            type Config

            type Config struct {
            	// Terminal is true if one has been allocated
            	Terminal bool
            	// Stdin path
            	Stdin string
            	// Stdout path
            	Stdout string
            	// Stderr path
            	Stderr string

              Config holds the IO configurations.

              type Creator

              type Creator func(id string) (IO, error)

                Creator creates new IO sets for a task

                func BinaryIO

                func BinaryIO(binary string, args map[string]string) Creator

                  BinaryIO forwards container STDOUT|STDERR directly to a logging binary

                  func LogFile

                  func LogFile(path string) Creator

                    LogFile creates a file on disk that logs the task's STDOUT,STDERR. If the log file already exists, the logs will be appended to the file.

                    func LogURI

                    func LogURI(uri *url.URL) Creator

                      LogURI provides the raw logging URI

                      func NewCreator

                      func NewCreator(opts ...Opt) Creator

                        NewCreator returns an IO creator from the options

                        type DirectIO

                        type DirectIO struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          DirectIO allows task IO to be handled externally by the caller

                          func NewDirectIO

                          func NewDirectIO(ctx context.Context, fifos *FIFOSet) (*DirectIO, error)

                            NewDirectIO returns an IO implementation that exposes the IO streams as io.ReadCloser and io.WriteCloser.

                            func (*DirectIO) Cancel

                            func (c *DirectIO) Cancel()

                            func (*DirectIO) Close

                            func (c *DirectIO) Close() error

                            func (*DirectIO) Config

                            func (c *DirectIO) Config() Config

                            func (*DirectIO) Wait

                            func (c *DirectIO) Wait()

                            type FIFOSet

                            type FIFOSet struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              FIFOSet is a set of file paths to FIFOs for a task's standard IO streams

                              func NewFIFOSet

                              func NewFIFOSet(config Config, close func() error) *FIFOSet

                                NewFIFOSet returns a new FIFOSet from a Config and a close function

                                func NewFIFOSetInDir

                                func NewFIFOSetInDir(root, id string, terminal bool) (*FIFOSet, error)

                                  NewFIFOSetInDir returns a new FIFOSet with paths in a temporary directory under root

                                  func (*FIFOSet) Close

                                  func (f *FIFOSet) Close() error

                                    Close the FIFOSet

                                    type IO

                                    type IO interface {
                                    	// Config returns the IO configuration.
                                    	Config() Config
                                    	// Cancel aborts all current io operations.
                                    	// Wait blocks until all io copy operations have completed.
                                    	// Close cleans up all open io resources. Cancel() is always called before
                                    	// Close()
                                    	Close() error

                                      IO holds the io information for a task or process

                                      func Load

                                      func Load(set *FIFOSet) (IO, error)

                                        Load the io for a container but do not attach

                                        Allows io to be loaded on the task for deletion without starting copy routines

                                        func NullIO

                                        func NullIO(_ string) (IO, error)

                                          NullIO redirects the container's IO into /dev/null

                                          type Opt

                                          type Opt func(*Streams)

                                            Opt customize options for creating a Creator or Attach

                                            func WithFIFODir

                                            func WithFIFODir(dir string) Opt

                                              WithFIFODir sets the fifo directory. e.g. "/run/containerd/fifo", "/run/users/1001/containerd/fifo"

                                              func WithStreams

                                              func WithStreams(stdin io.Reader, stdout, stderr io.Writer) Opt

                                                WithStreams sets the stream options to the specified Reader and Writers

                                                type Streams

                                                type Streams struct {
                                                	Stdin    io.Reader
                                                	Stdout   io.Writer
                                                	Stderr   io.Writer
                                                	Terminal bool
                                                	FIFODir  string

                                                  Streams used to configure a Creator or Attach

                                                  Source Files