Package archive provides a Docker and OCI compatible importer



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    func AddRefPrefix

    func AddRefPrefix(image string) func(string) string

      AddRefPrefix prepends the given image prefix to tag-only references, while leaving returning full references unmodified.

      func DigestTranslator

      func DigestTranslator(prefix string) func(digest.Digest) string

        DigestTranslator creates a digest reference by adding the digest to an image name

        func Export

        func Export(ctx context.Context, store content.Provider, writer io.Writer, opts ...ExportOpt) error

          Export implements Exporter.

          func FilterRefPrefix

          func FilterRefPrefix(image string) func(string) string

            FilterRefPrefix restricts references to having the given image prefix. Tag-only references will have the prefix prepended.

            func ImportIndex

            func ImportIndex(ctx context.Context, store content.Store, reader io.Reader, opts ...ImportOpt) (ocispec.Descriptor, error)

              ImportIndex imports an index from a tar archive image bundle - implements Docker v1.1, v1.2 and OCI v1. - prefers OCI v1 when provided - creates OCI index for Docker formats - normalizes Docker references and adds as OCI ref name

              e.g. alpine:latest ->

              - existing OCI reference names are untouched


              type ExportOpt

              type ExportOpt func(context.Context, *exportOptions) error

                ExportOpt defines options for configuring exported descriptors

                func WithAllPlatforms

                func WithAllPlatforms() ExportOpt

                  WithAllPlatforms exports all manifests from a manifest list. Missing content will fail the export.

                  func WithImage

                  func WithImage(is images.Store, name string) ExportOpt

                    WithImage adds the provided images to the exported archive.

                    func WithManifest

                    func WithManifest(manifest ocispec.Descriptor, names ...string) ExportOpt

                      WithManifest adds a manifest to the exported archive. When names are given they will be set on the manifest in the exported archive, creating an index record for each name. When no names are provided, it is up to caller to put name annotation to on the manifest descriptor if needed.

                      func WithPlatform

                      func WithPlatform(p platforms.MatchComparer) ExportOpt

                        WithPlatform defines the platform to require manifest lists have not exporting all platforms. Additionally, platform is used to resolve image configs for Docker v1.1, v1.2 format compatibility.

                        func WithSkipDockerManifest

                        func WithSkipDockerManifest() ExportOpt

                          WithSkipDockerManifest skips creation of the Docker compatible manifest.json file.

                          type ImportOpt

                          type ImportOpt func(*importOpts) error

                            ImportOpt is an option for importing an OCI index

                            func WithImportCompression

                            func WithImportCompression() ImportOpt

                              WithImportCompression compresses uncompressed layers on import. This is used for import formats which do not include the manifest.