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func ReadAnnotations added in v1.2.7

func ReadAnnotations(bkt *bolt.Bucket) (map[string]string, error)

ReadAnnotations reads the OCI Descriptor Annotations key from the bucket Uses the key "annotations"

func ReadAny added in v1.5.0

func ReadAny(bkt *bolt.Bucket, name []byte) (*types.Any, error)

ReadAny reads back protobuf's Any type from the bucket

func ReadExtensions added in v1.5.0

func ReadExtensions(bkt *bolt.Bucket) (map[string]types.Any, error)

ReadExtensions will read back a map of extensions from the given bucket, previously written by WriteExtensions

func ReadLabels

func ReadLabels(bkt *bolt.Bucket) (map[string]string, error)

ReadLabels reads the labels key from the bucket Uses the key "labels"

func ReadTimestamps

func ReadTimestamps(bkt *bolt.Bucket, created, updated *time.Time) error

ReadTimestamps reads created and updated timestamps from a bucket. Uses keys "createdat" and "updatedat"

func WriteAnnotations added in v1.2.7

func WriteAnnotations(bkt *bolt.Bucket, labels map[string]string) error

WriteAnnotations writes the OCI Descriptor Annotations

func WriteAny added in v1.5.0

func WriteAny(bkt *bolt.Bucket, name []byte, any *types.Any) error

WriteAny write a protobuf's Any type to the bucket

func WriteExtensions added in v1.5.0

func WriteExtensions(bkt *bolt.Bucket, extensions map[string]types.Any) error

WriteExtensions will write a KV map to the given bucket, where `K` is a string key and `V` is a protobuf's Any type that represents a generic extension.

func WriteLabels

func WriteLabels(bkt *bolt.Bucket, labels map[string]string) error

WriteLabels will write a new labels bucket to the provided bucket at key bucketKeyLabels, replacing the contents of the bucket with the provided map.

The provide map labels will be modified to have the final contents of the bucket. Typically, this removes zero-value entries. Uses the key "labels"

func WriteTimestamps

func WriteTimestamps(bkt *bolt.Bucket, created, updated time.Time) error

WriteTimestamps writes created and updated timestamps to a bucket. Uses keys "createdat" and "updatedat"


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