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func ReadAnnotations

func ReadAnnotations(bkt *bolt.Bucket) (map[string]string, error)

    ReadAnnotations reads the OCI Descriptor Annotations key from the bucket Uses the key "annotations"

    func ReadLabels

    func ReadLabels(bkt *bolt.Bucket) (map[string]string, error)

      ReadLabels reads the labels key from the bucket Uses the key "labels"

      func ReadTimestamps

      func ReadTimestamps(bkt *bolt.Bucket, created, updated *time.Time) error

        ReadTimestamps reads created and updated timestamps from a bucket. Uses keys "createdat" and "updatedat"

        func WriteAnnotations

        func WriteAnnotations(bkt *bolt.Bucket, labels map[string]string) error

          WriteAnnotations writes the OCI Descriptor Annotations

          func WriteLabels

          func WriteLabels(bkt *bolt.Bucket, labels map[string]string) error

            WriteLabels will write a new labels bucket to the provided bucket at key bucketKeyLabels, replacing the contents of the bucket with the provided map.

            The provide map labels will be modified to have the final contents of the bucket. Typically, this removes zero-value entries. Uses the key "labels"

            func WriteTimestamps

            func WriteTimestamps(bkt *bolt.Bucket, created, updated time.Time) error

              WriteTimestamps writes created and updated timestamps to a bucket. Uses keys "createdat" and "updatedat"


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