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type Image

type Image struct {
	// Id of the image. Normally the digest of image config.
	ID string
	// References are references to the image, e.g. RepoTag and RepoDigest.
	References []string
	// ChainID is the chainID of the image.
	ChainID string
	// Size is the compressed size of the image.
	Size int64
	// ImageSpec is the oci image structure which describes basic information about the image.
	ImageSpec imagespec.Image

    Image contains all resources associated with the image. All fields MUST not be mutated directly after created.

    type Store

    type Store struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Store stores all images.

      func NewFakeStore

      func NewFakeStore(images []Image) (*Store, error)

        NewFakeStore returns an image store with predefined images. Update is not allowed for this fake store.

        func NewStore

        func NewStore(client *containerd.Client) *Store

          NewStore creates an image store.

          func (*Store) Get

          func (s *Store) Get(id string) (Image, error)

            Get gets image metadata by image id. The id can be truncated. Returns various validation errors if the image id is invalid. Returns storeutil.ErrNotExist if the image doesn't exist.

            func (*Store) List

            func (s *Store) List() []Image

              List lists all images.

              func (*Store) Resolve

              func (s *Store) Resolve(ref string) (string, error)

                Resolve resolves a image reference to image id.

                func (*Store) Update

                func (s *Store) Update(ctx context.Context, ref string) error

                  Update updates cache for a reference.