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type Snapshot

type Snapshot struct {
	// Key is the key of the snapshot
	Key string
	// Kind is the kind of the snapshot (active, committed, view)
	Kind snapshot.Kind
	// Size is the size of the snapshot in bytes.
	Size uint64
	// Inodes is the number of inodes used by the snapshot
	Inodes uint64
	// Timestamp is latest update time (in nanoseconds) of the snapshot
	// information.
	Timestamp int64

    Snapshot contains the information about the snapshot.

    type Store

    type Store struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Store stores all snapshots.

      func NewStore

      func NewStore() *Store

        NewStore creates a snapshot store.

        func (*Store) Add

        func (s *Store) Add(snapshot Snapshot)

          Add a snapshot into the store.

          func (*Store) Delete

          func (s *Store) Delete(key string)

            Delete deletes the snapshot with specified key.

            func (*Store) Get

            func (s *Store) Get(key string) (Snapshot, error)

              Get returns the snapshot with specified key. Returns store.ErrNotExist if the snapshot doesn't exist.

              func (*Store) List

              func (s *Store) List() []Snapshot

                List lists all snapshots.

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