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func DeepCopy

func DeepCopy(dst interface{}, src interface{}) error

    DeepCopy makes a deep copy from src into dst.

    func DeferContext

    func DeferContext() (context.Context, context.CancelFunc)

      DeferContext returns a context for containerd cleanup operations in defer. A default timeout is applied to avoid cleanup operation pending forever.

      func GenerateID

      func GenerateID() string

        GenerateID generates a random unique id.

        func InStringSlice

        func InStringSlice(ss []string, str string) bool

          InStringSlice checks whether a string is inside a string slice. Comparison is case insensitive.

          func MergeStringSlices

          func MergeStringSlices(a []string, b []string) []string

            MergeStringSlices merges 2 string slices into one and remove duplicated elements.

            func NamespacedContext

            func NamespacedContext() context.Context

              NamespacedContext returns a context with kubernetes namespace set.

              func NormalizeImageRef

              func NormalizeImageRef(ref string) (docker.Named, error)

                NormalizeImageRef normalizes the image reference following the docker convention. This is added mainly for backward compatibility. The reference returned can only be either tagged or digested. For reference contains both tag and digest, the function returns digested reference, e.g. sha256:7cc4b5aefd1d0cadf8d97d4350462ba51c694ebca145b08d7d41b41acc8db5aa will be returned as

                Deprecated: use instead

                func SubtractStringSlice

                func SubtractStringSlice(ss []string, str string) []string

                  SubtractStringSlice subtracts string from string slice. Comparison is case insensitive.

                  func WithNamespace

                  func WithNamespace(ctx context.Context) context.Context

                    WithNamespace adds kubernetes namespace to the context.


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