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func NewNopWriteCloser

func NewNopWriteCloser(w io.Writer) io.WriteCloser

    NewNopWriteCloser creates the nopWriteCloser from a writer.

    func NewSerialWriteCloser

    func NewSerialWriteCloser(wc io.WriteCloser) io.WriteCloser

      NewSerialWriteCloser creates a SerialWriteCloser from a write closer.

      func NewWrapReadCloser

      func NewWrapReadCloser(r io.Reader) io.ReadCloser

        NewWrapReadCloser creates a wrapReadCloser from a reader. NOTE(random-liu): To avoid goroutine leakage, the reader passed in must be eventually closed by the caller.

        func NewWriteCloseInformer

        func NewWriteCloseInformer(wc io.WriteCloser) (io.WriteCloser, <-chan struct{})

          NewWriteCloseInformer creates the writeCloseInformer from a write closer.


          type WriterGroup

          type WriterGroup struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            WriterGroup is a group of writers. Writer could be dynamically added and removed.

            func NewWriterGroup

            func NewWriterGroup() *WriterGroup

              NewWriterGroup creates an empty writer group.

              func (*WriterGroup) Add

              func (g *WriterGroup) Add(key string, w io.WriteCloser)

                Add adds a writer into the group. The writer will be closed if the writer group is closed.

                func (*WriterGroup) Close

                func (g *WriterGroup) Close()

                  Close closes the writer group. Write will return error after closed.

                  func (*WriterGroup) Get

                  func (g *WriterGroup) Get(key string) io.WriteCloser

                    Get gets a writer from the group, returns nil if the writer doesn't exist.

                    func (*WriterGroup) Remove

                    func (g *WriterGroup) Remove(key string)

                      Remove removes a writer from the group.

                      func (*WriterGroup) Write

                      func (g *WriterGroup) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

                        Write writes data into each writer. If a writer returns error, it will be closed and removed from the writer group. It returns error if writer group is empty.