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type NetNS

type NetNS struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    NetNS holds network namespace.

    func LoadNetNS

    func LoadNetNS(path string) *NetNS

      LoadNetNS loads existing network namespace.

      func NewNetNS

      func NewNetNS(baseDir string) (*NetNS, error)

        NewNetNS creates a network namespace.

        func (*NetNS) Closed

        func (n *NetNS) Closed() (bool, error)

          Closed checks whether the network namespace has been closed.

          func (*NetNS) Do

          func (n *NetNS) Do(f func(cnins.NetNS) error) error

            Do runs a function in the network namespace.

            func (*NetNS) GetPath

            func (n *NetNS) GetPath() string

              GetPath returns network namespace path for sandbox container

              func (*NetNS) Remove

              func (n *NetNS) Remove() error

                Remove removes network namespace. Remove is idempotent, meaning it might be invoked multiple times and provides consistent result.

                GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64

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