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func DumpDir

func DumpDir(t *testing.T, root string)

    DumpDir prints the contents of the directory to the testing logger.

    Use this in a defer statement from a test that may allocate and exercise a temporary directory. Immensely useful for sanity checking and debugging failing tests.

    One should still test that contents are as expected. This is only a visual tool to assist when things don't go your way.

    func DumpDirOnFailure

    func DumpDirOnFailure(t *testing.T, root string)

      DumpDirOnFailure prints the contents of the directory to the testing logger if the test has failed.

      func RequiresRoot

      func RequiresRoot(t testing.TB)

        RequiresRoot skips tests that require root, unless the test.root flag has been set

        func RequiresRootM

        func RequiresRootM()

          RequiresRootM is similar to RequiresRoot but intended to be called from *testing.M.

          func Unmount

          func Unmount(t testing.TB, mountPoint string)

            Unmount unmounts a given mountPoint and sets t.Error if it fails


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