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var (
	// ErrNoToken is returned if a request is successful but the body does not
	// contain an authorization token.
	ErrNoToken = errors.New("authorization server did not include a token in the response")


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type AuthenticationScheme

type AuthenticationScheme byte

    AuthenticationScheme defines scheme of the authentication method

    const (
    	// BasicAuth is scheme for Basic HTTP Authentication RFC 7617
    	BasicAuth AuthenticationScheme = 1 << iota
    	// DigestAuth is scheme for HTTP Digest Access Authentication RFC 7616
    	// BearerAuth is scheme for OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens RFC 6750

    type Challenge

    type Challenge struct {
    	// scheme is the auth-scheme according to RFC 2617
    	Scheme AuthenticationScheme
    	// parameters are the auth-params according to RFC 2617
    	Parameters map[string]string

      Challenge carries information from a WWW-Authenticate response header. See RFC 2617.

      func ParseAuthHeader

      func ParseAuthHeader(header http.Header) []Challenge

        ParseAuthHeader parses challenges from WWW-Authenticate header

        type FetchTokenResponse

        type FetchTokenResponse struct {
        	Token        string    `json:"token"`
        	AccessToken  string    `json:"access_token"`
        	ExpiresIn    int       `json:"expires_in"`
        	IssuedAt     time.Time `json:"issued_at"`
        	RefreshToken string    `json:"refresh_token"`

          FetchTokenResponse is response from fetching token with GET request

          func FetchToken

          func FetchToken(ctx context.Context, client *http.Client, headers http.Header, to TokenOptions) (*FetchTokenResponse, error)

            FetchToken fetches a token using a GET request

            type OAuthTokenResponse

            type OAuthTokenResponse struct {
            	AccessToken  string    `json:"access_token"`
            	RefreshToken string    `json:"refresh_token"`
            	ExpiresIn    int       `json:"expires_in"`
            	IssuedAt     time.Time `json:"issued_at"`
            	Scope        string    `json:"scope"`

              OAuthTokenResponse is response from fetching token with a OAuth POST request

              func FetchTokenWithOAuth

              func FetchTokenWithOAuth(ctx context.Context, client *http.Client, headers http.Header, clientID string, to TokenOptions) (*OAuthTokenResponse, error)

                FetchTokenWithOAuth fetches a token using a POST request

                type TokenOptions

                type TokenOptions struct {
                	Realm    string
                	Service  string
                	Scopes   []string
                	Username string
                	Secret   string

                  TokenOptions are options for requesting a token

                  func GenerateTokenOptions

                  func GenerateTokenOptions(ctx context.Context, host, username, secret string, c Challenge) (TokenOptions, error)

                    GenerateTokenOptions generates options for fetching a token based on a challenge

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