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func ReadStripSignature

func ReadStripSignature(schema1Blob io.Reader) ([]byte, error)

    ReadStripSignature reads in a schema1 manifest and returns a byte array with the "signatures" field stripped


    type ConvertOpt

    type ConvertOpt func(context.Context, *ConvertOptions) error

      ConvertOpt allows configuring a convert operation.

      func UseDockerSchema2

      func UseDockerSchema2() ConvertOpt

        UseDockerSchema2 is used to indicate that a schema1 manifest should be converted into the media types for a docker schema2 manifest.

        type ConvertOptions

        type ConvertOptions struct {
        	// ManifestMediaType specifies the media type of the manifest OCI descriptor.
        	ManifestMediaType string
        	// ConfigMediaType specifies the media type of the manifest config OCI
        	// descriptor.
        	ConfigMediaType string

          ConvertOptions provides options on converting a docker schema1 manifest.

          type Converter

          type Converter struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Converter converts schema1 manifests to schema2 on fetch

            func NewConverter

            func NewConverter(contentStore content.Store, fetcher remotes.Fetcher) *Converter

              NewConverter returns a new converter

              func (*Converter) Convert

              func (c *Converter) Convert(ctx context.Context, opts ...ConvertOpt) (ocispec.Descriptor, error)

                Convert a docker manifest to an OCI descriptor

                func (*Converter) Handle

                func (c *Converter) Handle(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor) ([]ocispec.Descriptor, error)

                  Handle fetching descriptors for a docker media type

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