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func RemoveSocket

func RemoveSocket(address string) error

    RemoveSocket removes the socket at the specified address if it exists on the filesystem

    func WithLocal

    func WithLocal(publisher events.Publisher) func(context.Context, shim.Config) (shimapi.ShimService, io.Closer, error)

      WithLocal uses an in process shim


      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Client is a shim client containing the connection to a shim

        func New

        func New(ctx context.Context, config shim.Config, opt Opt) (*Client, error)

          New returns a new shim client

          func (*Client) Close

          func (c *Client) Close() error

            Close the client connection

            func (*Client) IsAlive

            func (c *Client) IsAlive(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)

              IsAlive returns true if the shim can be contacted. NOTE: a negative answer doesn't mean that the process is gone.

              func (*Client) KillShim

              func (c *Client) KillShim(ctx context.Context) error

                KillShim kills the shim forcefully and wait for the process to disappear

                func (*Client) StopShim

                func (c *Client) StopShim(ctx context.Context) error

                  StopShim signals the shim to exit and wait for the process to disappear

                  type Opt

                    Opt is an option for a shim client configuration

                    func WithConnect

                    func WithConnect(address string, onClose func()) Opt

                      WithConnect connects to an existing shim

                      func WithStart

                      func WithStart(binary, address, daemonAddress, cgroup string, debug bool, exitHandler func()) Opt

                        WithStart executes a new shim process