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func CreateTopLevelDirectories

func CreateTopLevelDirectories(config *srvconfig.Config) error

    CreateTopLevelDirectories creates the top-level root and state directories.

    func LoadPlugins

    func LoadPlugins(ctx context.Context, config *srvconfig.Config) ([]*plugin.Registration, error)

      LoadPlugins loads all plugins into containerd and generates an ordered graph of all plugins.


      type Server

      type Server struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Server is the containerd main daemon

        func New

        func New(ctx context.Context, config *srvconfig.Config) (*Server, error)

          New creates and initializes a new containerd server

          func (*Server) ServeDebug

          func (s *Server) ServeDebug(l net.Listener) error

            ServeDebug provides a debug endpoint

            func (*Server) ServeGRPC

            func (s *Server) ServeGRPC(l net.Listener) error

              ServeGRPC provides the containerd grpc APIs on the provided listener

              func (*Server) ServeMetrics

              func (s *Server) ServeMetrics(l net.Listener) error

                ServeMetrics provides a prometheus endpoint for exposing metrics

                func (*Server) ServeTCP

                func (s *Server) ServeTCP(l net.Listener) error

                  ServeTCP allows services to serve over tcp

                  func (*Server) ServeTTRPC

                  func (s *Server) ServeTTRPC(l net.Listener) error

                    ServeTTRPC provides the containerd ttrpc APIs on the provided listener

                    func (*Server) Stop

                    func (s *Server) Stop()

                      Stop the containerd server canceling any open connections

                      GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64


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