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const (
	// DevMapperDir represents devmapper devices location
	DevMapperDir = "/dev/mapper/"
	// SectorSize represents the number of bytes in one sector on devmapper devices
	SectorSize = 512


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func ActivateDevice

func ActivateDevice(poolName string, deviceName string, deviceID uint32, size uint64, external string) error

    ActivateDevice activates the given thin-device using the 'thin' target

    func BlockDeviceSize

    func BlockDeviceSize(devicePath string) (uint64, error)

      BlockDeviceSize returns size of block device in bytes

      func CreateDevice

      func CreateDevice(poolName string, deviceID uint32) error

        CreateDevice sends "create_thin <deviceID>" message to the given thin-pool

        func CreatePool

        func CreatePool(poolName, dataFile, metaFile string, blockSizeSectors uint32) error

          CreatePool creates a device with the given name, data and metadata file and block size (see "dmsetup create")

          func CreateSnapshot

          func CreateSnapshot(poolName string, deviceID uint32, baseDeviceID uint32) error

            CreateSnapshot sends "create_snap" message to the given thin-pool. Caller needs to suspend and resume device if it is active.

            func DeleteDevice

            func DeleteDevice(poolName string, deviceID uint32) error

              DeleteDevice sends "delete <deviceID>" message to the given thin-pool

              func GetFullDevicePath

              func GetFullDevicePath(deviceName string) string

                GetFullDevicePath returns full path for the given device name (like "/dev/mapper/name")

                func ReloadPool

                func ReloadPool(deviceName, dataFile, metaFile string, blockSizeSectors uint32) error

                  ReloadPool reloads existing thin-pool (see "dmsetup reload")

                  func RemoveDevice

                  func RemoveDevice(deviceName string, opts ...RemoveDeviceOpt) error

                    RemoveDevice removes a device (see "dmsetup remove")

                    func ResumeDevice

                    func ResumeDevice(deviceName string) error

                      ResumeDevice resumes the given device (see "dmsetup resume")

                      func SuspendDevice

                      func SuspendDevice(deviceName string) error

                        SuspendDevice suspends the given device (see "dmsetup suspend")

                        func Table

                        func Table(deviceName string) (string, error)

                          Table returns the current table for the device

                          func Version

                          func Version() (string, error)

                            Version returns "dmsetup version" output


                            type DeviceInfo

                            type DeviceInfo struct {
                            	Name            string
                            	BlockDeviceName string
                            	TableLive       bool
                            	TableInactive   bool
                            	Suspended       bool
                            	ReadOnly        bool
                            	Major           uint32
                            	Minor           uint32
                            	OpenCount       uint32 // Open reference count
                            	TargetCount     uint32 // Number of targets in the live table
                            	EventNumber     uint32 // Last event sequence number (used by wait)

                              DeviceInfo represents device info returned by "dmsetup info". dmsetup(8) provides more information on each of these fields.

                              func Info

                              func Info(deviceName string) ([]*DeviceInfo, error)

                                Info outputs device information (see "dmsetup info"). If device name is empty, all device infos will be returned.

                                type DeviceStatus

                                type DeviceStatus struct {
                                	Offset int64
                                	Length int64
                                	Target string
                                	Params []string

                                  DeviceStatus represents devmapper device status information

                                  func Status

                                  func Status(deviceName string) (*DeviceStatus, error)

                                    Status provides status information for devmapper device

                                    type RemoveDeviceOpt

                                    type RemoveDeviceOpt string

                                      RemoveDeviceOpt represents command line arguments for "dmsetup remove" command

                                      const (
                                      	// RemoveWithForce flag replaces the table with one that fails all I/O if
                                      	// open device can't be removed
                                      	RemoveWithForce RemoveDeviceOpt = "--force"
                                      	// RemoveWithRetries option will cause the operation to be retried
                                      	// for a few seconds before failing
                                      	RemoveWithRetries RemoveDeviceOpt = "--retry"
                                      	// RemoveDeferred flag will enable deferred removal of open devices,
                                      	// the device will be removed when the last user closes it
                                      	RemoveDeferred RemoveDeviceOpt = "--deferred"

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