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const OOMScoreMaxKillable = -999

    OOMScoreMaxKillable is the maximum score keeping the process killable by the oom killer


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    var EpollCreate1 = unix.EpollCreate1

      EpollCreate1 is an alias for unix.EpollCreate1 Deprecated: use

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      var EpollCtl = unix.EpollCtl

        EpollCtl is an alias for unix.EpollCtl Deprecated: use

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        var EpollWait = unix.EpollWait

          EpollWait is an alias for unix.EpollWait Deprecated: use


          func CreateUnixSocket

          func CreateUnixSocket(path string) (net.Listener, error)

            CreateUnixSocket creates a unix socket and returns the listener

            func FMountat

            func FMountat(dirfd uintptr, source, target, fstype string, flags uintptr, data string) error

              FMountat performs mount from the provided directory.

              func ForceRemoveAll

              func ForceRemoveAll(path string) error

                ForceRemoveAll on unix is just a wrapper for os.RemoveAll

                func GetLocalListener

                func GetLocalListener(path string, uid, gid int) (net.Listener, error)

                  GetLocalListener returns a listener out of a unix socket.

                  func GetOOMScoreAdj

                  func GetOOMScoreAdj(pid int) (int, error)

                    GetOOMScoreAdj gets the oom score for a process

                    func GetOpenFds

                    func GetOpenFds(pid int) (int, error)

                      GetOpenFds returns the number of open fds for the process provided by pid

                      func IsFifo

                      func IsFifo(path string) (bool, error)

                        IsFifo checks if a file is a (named pipe) fifo if the file does not exist then it returns false

                        func MkdirAllWithACL

                        func MkdirAllWithACL(path string, perm os.FileMode) error

                          MkdirAllWithACL is a wrapper for os.MkdirAll on Unix systems.

                          func RunningInUserNS

                          func RunningInUserNS() bool

                            RunningInUserNS detects whether we are currently running in a user namespace. Originally copied from

                            func RunningPrivileged

                            func RunningPrivileged() bool

                              RunningPrivileged returns true if the effective user ID of the calling process is 0

                              func RunningUnprivileged

                              func RunningUnprivileged() bool

                                RunningUnprivileged returns true if the effective user ID of the calling process is not 0

                                func SetOOMScore

                                func SetOOMScore(pid, score int) error

                                  SetOOMScore sets the oom score for the provided pid

                                  func StatATimeAsTime

                                  func StatATimeAsTime(st *syscall.Stat_t) time.Time

                                    StatATimeAsTime returns st.Atim as a time.Time

                                    func StatAtime

                                    func StatAtime(st *syscall.Stat_t) syscall.Timespec

                                      StatAtime returns the Atim

                                      func StatCtime

                                      func StatCtime(st *syscall.Stat_t) syscall.Timespec

                                        StatCtime returns the Ctim

                                        func StatMtime

                                        func StatMtime(st *syscall.Stat_t) syscall.Timespec

                                          StatMtime returns the Mtim


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