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const (
	// GRPCHeader defines the header name for specifying a containerd lease.
	GRPCHeader = "containerd-lease"


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func FromContext

func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (string, bool)

    FromContext returns the lease from the context.

    func SynchronousDelete

    func SynchronousDelete(ctx context.Context, o *DeleteOptions) error

      SynchronousDelete is used to indicate that a lease deletion and removal of any unreferenced resources should occur synchronously before returning the result.

      func WithLease

      func WithLease(ctx context.Context, lid string) context.Context

        WithLease sets a given lease on the context


        type DeleteOpt

        type DeleteOpt func(context.Context, *DeleteOptions) error

          DeleteOpt allows configuring a delete operation

          type DeleteOptions

          type DeleteOptions struct {
          	Synchronous bool

            DeleteOptions provide options on image delete

            type Lease

            type Lease struct {
            	ID        string
            	CreatedAt time.Time
            	Labels    map[string]string

              Lease retains resources to prevent cleanup before the resources can be fully referenced.

              type Manager

              type Manager interface {
              	Create(context.Context, ...Opt) (Lease, error)
              	Delete(context.Context, Lease, ...DeleteOpt) error
              	List(context.Context, ...string) ([]Lease, error)
              	AddResource(context.Context, Lease, Resource) error
              	DeleteResource(context.Context, Lease, Resource) error
              	ListResources(context.Context, Lease) ([]Resource, error)

                Manager is used to create, list, and remove leases

                type Opt

                type Opt func(*Lease) error

                  Opt is used to set options on a lease

                  func WithExpiration

                  func WithExpiration(d time.Duration) Opt

                    WithExpiration sets an expiration on the lease

                    func WithID

                    func WithID(id string) Opt

                      WithID sets the ID for the lease

                      func WithLabels

                      func WithLabels(labels map[string]string) Opt

                        WithLabels sets labels on a lease

                        func WithRandomID

                        func WithRandomID() Opt

                          WithRandomID sets the lease ID to a random unique value

                          type Resource

                          type Resource struct {
                          	ID   string
                          	Type string

                            Resource represents low level resource of image, like content, ingest and snapshotter.


                            Path Synopsis