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type Exchange

type Exchange struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Exchange broadcasts events

    func NewExchange

    func NewExchange() *Exchange

      NewExchange returns a new event Exchange

      func (*Exchange) Forward

      func (e *Exchange) Forward(ctx context.Context, envelope *events.Envelope) (err error)

        Forward accepts an envelope to be directly distributed on the exchange.

        This is useful when an event is forwarded on behalf of another namespace or when the event is propagated on behalf of another publisher.

        func (*Exchange) Publish

        func (e *Exchange) Publish(ctx context.Context, topic string, event events.Event) (err error)

          Publish packages and sends an event. The caller will be considered the initial publisher of the event. This means the timestamp will be calculated at this point and this method may read from the calling context.

          func (*Exchange) Subscribe

          func (e *Exchange) Subscribe(ctx context.Context, fs ...string) (ch <-chan *events.Envelope, errs <-chan error)

            Subscribe to events on the exchange. Events are sent through the returned channel ch. If an error is encountered, it will be sent on channel errs and errs will be closed. To end the subscription, cancel the provided context.

            Zero or more filters may be provided as strings. Only events that match *any* of the provided filters will be sent on the channel. The filters use the standard containerd filters package syntax.

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