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func FetchHandler

func FetchHandler(ingester content.Ingester, fetcher Fetcher) images.HandlerFunc

    FetchHandler returns a handler that will fetch all content into the ingester discovered in a call to Dispatch. Use with ChildrenHandler to do a full recursive fetch.

    func FilterManifestByPlatformHandler

    func FilterManifestByPlatformHandler(f images.HandlerFunc, m platforms.Matcher) images.HandlerFunc

      FilterManifestByPlatformHandler allows Handler to handle non-target platform's manifest and configuration data.

      func MakeRefKey

      func MakeRefKey(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor) string

        MakeRefKey returns a unique reference for the descriptor. This reference can be used to lookup ongoing processes related to the descriptor. This function may look to the context to namespace the reference appropriately.

        func PushContent

        func PushContent(ctx context.Context, pusher Pusher, desc ocispec.Descriptor, store content.Store, platform platforms.MatchComparer, wrapper func(h images.Handler) images.Handler) error

          PushContent pushes content specified by the descriptor from the provider.

          Base handlers can be provided which will be called before any push specific handlers.

          func PushHandler

          func PushHandler(pusher Pusher, provider content.Provider) images.HandlerFunc

            PushHandler returns a handler that will push all content from the provider using a writer from the pusher.

            func WithMediaTypeKeyPrefix

            func WithMediaTypeKeyPrefix(ctx context.Context, mediaType, prefix string) context.Context

              WithMediaTypeKeyPrefix adds a custom key prefix for a media type which is used when storing data in the content store from the FetchHandler.

              Used in `MakeRefKey` to determine what the key prefix should be.


              type Fetcher

              type Fetcher interface {
              	// Fetch the resource identified by the descriptor.
              	Fetch(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor) (io.ReadCloser, error)

                Fetcher fetches content

                type FetcherFunc

                type FetcherFunc func(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor) (io.ReadCloser, error)

                  FetcherFunc allows package users to implement a Fetcher with just a function.

                  func (FetcherFunc) Fetch

                    Fetch content

                    type Pusher

                    type Pusher interface {
                    	// Push returns a content writer for the given resource identified
                    	// by the descriptor.
                    	Push(ctx context.Context, d ocispec.Descriptor) (content.Writer, error)

                      Pusher pushes content

                      type PusherFunc

                      type PusherFunc func(ctx context.Context, desc ocispec.Descriptor) (content.Writer, error)

                        PusherFunc allows package users to implement a Pusher with just a function.

                        func (PusherFunc) Push

                          Push content

                          type Resolver

                          type Resolver interface {
                          	// Resolve attempts to resolve the reference into a name and descriptor.
                          	// The argument `ref` should be a scheme-less URI representing the remote.
                          	// Structurally, it has a host and path. The "host" can be used to directly
                          	// reference a specific host or be matched against a specific handler.
                          	// The returned name should be used to identify the referenced entity.
                          	// Dependending on the remote namespace, this may be immutable or mutable.
                          	// While the name may differ from ref, it should itself be a valid ref.
                          	// If the resolution fails, an error will be returned.
                          	Resolve(ctx context.Context, ref string) (name string, desc ocispec.Descriptor, err error)
                          	// Fetcher returns a new fetcher for the provided reference.
                          	// All content fetched from the returned fetcher will be
                          	// from the namespace referred to by ref.
                          	Fetcher(ctx context.Context, ref string) (Fetcher, error)
                          	// Pusher returns a new pusher for the provided reference
                          	Pusher(ctx context.Context, ref string) (Pusher, error)

                            Resolver provides remotes based on a locator.


                            Path Synopsis
                            config package containers utilities for helping configure the Docker resolver
                            config package containers utilities for helping configure the Docker resolver