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func NewClient

func NewClient(client interface{}) (api.TTRPCSandboxService, error)

NewClient returns a new sandbox client that handles both GRPC and TTRPC clients.

func ToProto

func ToProto(sandbox *Sandbox) *types.Sandbox

ToProto will map Sandbox struct to it's protobuf definition


type Controller

type Controller interface {
	// Create is used to initialize sandbox environment. (mounts, any)
	Create(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string, opts ...CreateOpt) error
	// Start will start previously created sandbox.
	Start(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string) (ControllerInstance, error)
	// Platform returns target sandbox OS that will be used by Controller.
	// containerd will rely on this to generate proper OCI spec.
	Platform(_ctx context.Context, _sandboxID string) (platforms.Platform, error)
	// Stop will stop sandbox instance
	Stop(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string, opts ...StopOpt) error
	// Wait blocks until sandbox process exits.
	Wait(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string) (ExitStatus, error)
	// Status will query sandbox process status. It is heavier than Ping call and must be used whenever you need to
	// gather metadata about current sandbox state (status, uptime, resource use, etc).
	Status(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string, verbose bool) (ControllerStatus, error)
	// Shutdown deletes and cleans all tasks and sandbox instance.
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context, sandboxID string) error

Controller is an interface to manage sandboxes at runtime. When running in sandbox mode, shim expected to implement `SandboxService`. Shim lifetimes are now managed manually via sandbox API by the containerd's client.

type ControllerInstance

type ControllerInstance struct {
	SandboxID string
	Pid       uint32
	CreatedAt time.Time
	Labels    map[string]string

type ControllerStatus

type ControllerStatus struct {
	SandboxID string
	Pid       uint32
	State     string
	Info      map[string]string
	CreatedAt time.Time
	ExitedAt  time.Time
	Extra     typeurl.Any

type CreateOpt

type CreateOpt func(*CreateOptions) error

func WithNetNSPath

func WithNetNSPath(netNSPath string) CreateOpt

WithNetNSPath used to assign network namespace path of a sandbox.

func WithOptions

func WithOptions(options any) CreateOpt

WithOptions allows passing arbitrary options when creating a new sandbox.

func WithRootFS

func WithRootFS(m []*types.Mount) CreateOpt

WithRootFS is used to create a sandbox with the provided rootfs mount TODO: Switch to mount.Mount once target added

type CreateOptions

type CreateOptions struct {
	Rootfs []*types.Mount
	// Options are used to pass arbitrary options to the shim when creating a new sandbox.
	// CRI will use this to pass PodSandboxConfig.
	// Don't confuse this with Runtime options, which are passed at shim instance start
	// to setup global shim configuration.
	Options   typeurl.Any
	NetNSPath string

type ExitStatus

type ExitStatus struct {
	ExitStatus uint32
	ExitedAt   time.Time

type RuntimeOpts

type RuntimeOpts struct {
	Name    string
	Options typeurl.Any

RuntimeOpts holds runtime specific information

type Sandbox

type Sandbox struct {
	// ID uniquely identifies the sandbox in a namespace
	ID string
	// Labels provide metadata extension for a sandbox
	Labels map[string]string
	// Runtime shim to use for this sandbox
	Runtime RuntimeOpts
	// Spec carries the runtime specification used to implement the sandbox
	Spec typeurl.Any
	// CreatedAt is the time at which the sandbox was created
	CreatedAt time.Time
	// UpdatedAt is the time at which the sandbox was updated
	UpdatedAt time.Time
	// Extensions stores client-specified metadata
	Extensions map[string]typeurl.Any

Sandbox is an object stored in metadata database

func FromProto

func FromProto(sandboxpb *types.Sandbox) Sandbox

FromProto map protobuf sandbox definition to Sandbox struct

func (*Sandbox) AddExtension

func (s *Sandbox) AddExtension(name string, obj interface{}) error

AddExtension is a helper function to add sandbox metadata extension.

func (*Sandbox) AddLabel

func (s *Sandbox) AddLabel(name string, value string)

AddLabel adds a label to sandbox's labels.

func (*Sandbox) GetExtension

func (s *Sandbox) GetExtension(name string, obj interface{}) error

GetExtension retrieves a sandbox extension by name.

func (*Sandbox) GetLabel

func (s *Sandbox) GetLabel(name string) (string, error)

GetLabel retrieves a sandbox label by name.

type StopOpt

type StopOpt func(*StopOptions)

func WithTimeout

func WithTimeout(timeout time.Duration) StopOpt

type StopOptions

type StopOptions struct {
	Timeout *time.Duration

type Store

type Store interface {
	// Create a sandbox record in the store
	Create(ctx context.Context, sandbox Sandbox) (Sandbox, error)

	// Update the sandbox with the provided sandbox object and fields
	Update(ctx context.Context, sandbox Sandbox, fieldpaths ...string) (Sandbox, error)

	// Get sandbox metadata using the id
	Get(ctx context.Context, id string) (Sandbox, error)

	// List returns sandboxes that match one or more of the provided filters
	List(ctx context.Context, filters ...string) ([]Sandbox, error)

	// Delete a sandbox from metadata store using the id
	Delete(ctx context.Context, id string) error

Store is a storage interface for sandbox metadata objects


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