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Package remote contains gRPC implementation of internalapi.RuntimeService and internalapi.ImageManagerService.



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func NewRemoteImageService

func NewRemoteImageService(endpoint string, connectionTimeout time.Duration) (internalapi.ImageManagerService, error)

NewRemoteImageService creates a new internalapi.ImageManagerService.

func NewRemoteRuntimeService

func NewRemoteRuntimeService(endpoint string, connectionTimeout time.Duration) (internalapi.RuntimeService, error)

NewRemoteRuntimeService creates a new internalapi.RuntimeService.


type RemoteImageService

type RemoteImageService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RemoteImageService is a gRPC implementation of internalapi.ImageManagerService.

func (*RemoteImageService) ImageFsInfo

func (r *RemoteImageService) ImageFsInfo() ([]*runtimeapi.FilesystemUsage, error)

ImageFsInfo returns information of the filesystem that is used to store images.

func (*RemoteImageService) ImageStatus

func (r *RemoteImageService) ImageStatus(image *runtimeapi.ImageSpec) (*runtimeapi.Image, error)

ImageStatus returns the status of the image.

func (*RemoteImageService) ListImages

func (r *RemoteImageService) ListImages(filter *runtimeapi.ImageFilter) ([]*runtimeapi.Image, error)

ListImages lists available images.

func (*RemoteImageService) PullImage

func (r *RemoteImageService) PullImage(image *runtimeapi.ImageSpec, auth *runtimeapi.AuthConfig, podSandboxConfig *runtimeapi.PodSandboxConfig) (string, error)

PullImage pulls an image with authentication config.

func (*RemoteImageService) RemoveImage

func (r *RemoteImageService) RemoveImage(image *runtimeapi.ImageSpec) error

RemoveImage removes the image.

type RemoteRuntimeService

type RemoteRuntimeService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RemoteRuntimeService is a gRPC implementation of internalapi.RuntimeService.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) Attach

Attach prepares a streaming endpoint to attach to a running container, and returns the address.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ContainerStats

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) ContainerStats(containerID string) (*runtimeapi.ContainerStats, error)

ContainerStats returns the stats of the container.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ContainerStatus

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) ContainerStatus(containerID string) (*runtimeapi.ContainerStatus, error)

ContainerStatus returns the container status.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) CreateContainer

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) CreateContainer(podSandBoxID string, config *runtimeapi.ContainerConfig, sandboxConfig *runtimeapi.PodSandboxConfig) (string, error)

CreateContainer creates a new container in the specified PodSandbox.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) Exec

Exec prepares a streaming endpoint to execute a command in the container, and returns the address.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ExecSync

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) ExecSync(containerID string, cmd []string, timeout time.Duration) (stdout []byte, stderr []byte, err error)

ExecSync executes a command in the container, and returns the stdout output. If command exits with a non-zero exit code, an error is returned.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ListContainerStats

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ListContainers

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) ListContainers(filter *runtimeapi.ContainerFilter) ([]*runtimeapi.Container, error)

ListContainers lists containers by filters.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ListPodSandbox

ListPodSandbox returns a list of PodSandboxes.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) PodSandboxStatus

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) PodSandboxStatus(podSandBoxID string) (*runtimeapi.PodSandboxStatus, error)

PodSandboxStatus returns the status of the PodSandbox.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) PortForward

PortForward prepares a streaming endpoint to forward ports from a PodSandbox, and returns the address.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) RemoveContainer

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) RemoveContainer(containerID string) error

RemoveContainer removes the container. If the container is running, the container should be forced to removal.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) RemovePodSandbox

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) RemovePodSandbox(podSandBoxID string) error

RemovePodSandbox removes the sandbox. If there are any containers in the sandbox, they should be forcibly removed.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) ReopenContainerLog

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) ReopenContainerLog(containerID string) error

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) RunPodSandbox

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) RunPodSandbox(config *runtimeapi.PodSandboxConfig, runtimeHandler string) (string, error)

RunPodSandbox creates and starts a pod-level sandbox. Runtimes should ensure the sandbox is in ready state.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) StartContainer

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) StartContainer(containerID string) error

StartContainer starts the container.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) Status

Status returns the status of the runtime.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) StopContainer

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) StopContainer(containerID string, timeout int64) error

StopContainer stops a running container with a grace period (i.e., timeout).

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) StopPodSandbox

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) StopPodSandbox(podSandBoxID string) error

StopPodSandbox stops the sandbox. If there are any running containers in the sandbox, they should be forced to termination.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) UpdateContainerResources

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) UpdateContainerResources(containerID string, resources *runtimeapi.LinuxContainerResources) error

UpdateContainerResources updates a containers resource config

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) UpdateRuntimeConfig

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) UpdateRuntimeConfig(runtimeConfig *runtimeapi.RuntimeConfig) error

UpdateRuntimeConfig updates the config of a runtime service. The only update payload currently supported is the pod CIDR assigned to a node, and the runtime service just proxies it down to the network plugin.

func (*RemoteRuntimeService) Version

func (r *RemoteRuntimeService) Version(apiVersion string) (*runtimeapi.VersionResponse, error)

Version returns the runtime name, runtime version and runtime API version.


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