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const ConnectPath = "/connect"


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type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	// Print packets on stderr
	Debug bool

	// Record all packets coming in and out in a file that can be read by Wireshark (pcap)
	CaptureFile string

	// Length of packet
	// Larger packets means less packets to exchange for the same amount of data (and less protocol overhead)
	MTU int

	// Network reserved for the virtual network
	Subnet string

	// IP address of the virtual gateway
	GatewayIP string

	// MAC address of the virtual gateway
	GatewayMacAddress string

	// Built-in DNS records that will be served by the DNS server embedded in the gateway
	DNS []Zone

	// Port forwarding between the machine running the gateway and the virtual network.
	Forwards map[string]string

	// Address translation of incoming traffic.
	// Useful for reaching the host itself (localhost) from the virtual network.
	NAT map[string]string

	// IPs assigned to the gateway that can answer to ARP requests
	GatewayVirtualIPs []string

	// DHCP static leases. Allow to assign pre-defined IP to virtual machine based on the MAC address
	DHCPStaticLeases map[string]string

	// Only for Hyperkit
	// Allow to assign a pre-defined MAC address to an Hyperkit VM
	VpnKitUUIDMacAddresses map[string]string

	// Qemu or Hyperkit protocol
	// Qemu protocol is 32bits big endian size of the packet, then the packet.
	// Hyperkit protocol is handshake, then 16bits little endian size of packet, then the packet.
	Protocol Protocol

type ExposeRequest

type ExposeRequest struct {
	Local  string `json:"local"`
	Remote string `json:"remote"`

type Protocol

type Protocol string
const (
	HyperKitProtocol Protocol = "hyperkit"
	QemuProtocol     Protocol = "qemu"

type Record

type Record struct {
	Name   string
	IP     net.IP
	Regexp *regexp.Regexp

type UnexposeRequest

type UnexposeRequest struct {
	Local string `json:"local"`

type Zone

type Zone struct {
	Name      string
	Records   []Record
	DefaultIP net.IP

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