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func Delete

func Delete(name string)

Delete deletes a transport from the registered transports.

func Get

func Get(name string) types.ImageTransport

Get returns the transport specified by name or nil when unavailable.

func ImageName

func ImageName(ref types.ImageReference) string

ImageName converts a types.ImageReference into an URL-like image name, which MUST be such that ParseImageName(ImageName(reference)) returns an equivalent reference.

This is the generally recommended way to refer to images in the UI.

NOTE: The returned string is not promised to be equal to the original input to ParseImageName; e.g. default attribute values omitted by the user may be filled in in the return value, or vice versa.

func ListNames

func ListNames() []string

ListNames returns a list of non deprecated transport names. Deprecated transports can be used, but are not presented to users.

func NewStubTransport

func NewStubTransport(name string) types.ImageTransport

NewStubTransport returns an implementation of types.ImageTransport which has a name, but rejects any references with “the transport $name: is not supported in this build”.

func Register

func Register(t types.ImageTransport)

Register registers a transport.


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