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Podman Documentation

The online man pages and other documents regarding Podman can be found at Read The Docs. The man pages can be found under the Commands link on that page.

Build the Docs

Directory Structure

Markdown source for man pages docs/source/markdown/
man pages aliases as .so files docs/source/markdown/links/
restructured text for docs/rst/
target for output docs/build
man pages docs/build/man
remote linux man pages docs/build/remote/linux
remote darwin man pages docs/build/remote/darwin
remote windows html pages docs/build/remote/windows

Support files

docs/ Read the docs/source/markdown files and format for each platform
docs/links-to-html.lua pandoc filter to do aliases for html files

API Reference

The latest online documentation is automatically generated by two cooperating automation systems based on committed upstream source code. Firstly, the Cirrus-CI docs task builds pkg/api/swagger.yaml and uploads it to a public-facing location (Google Storage Bucket - an online service for storing unstructured data). Second, Read The Docs reacts to the repository change, building the content for the libpod documentation site. This site includes for the API section, some javascript which consumes the uploaded swagger.yaml file directly from the Google Storage Bucket.

Since there are multiple systems and local cache is involved, it's possible that updates to documentation (especially the swagger/API docs) will lag by 10-or-so minutes. However, because the client (i.e. your web browser) is fetching content from multiple locations that do not share a common domain, accessing the API section may show a stack-trace similar to the following:

Javascript Stack Trace Image

If reloading the page, or clearing your local cache does not fix the problem, it is likely caused by broken metadata needed to protect clients from cross-site-scripting style attacks. Please notify a maintainer so they may investigate how/why the swagger.yaml file's CORS-metadata is incorrect, or the file isn't accessible for some other reason.


The Go Gopher

There is no documentation for this package.

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