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Package api Provides an API for the Libpod library

This documentation describes the Podman v2.0 RESTful API. It replaces the Podman v1.0 API and was initially delivered along with Podman v2.0. It consists of a Docker-compatible API and a Libpod API providing support for Podman’s unique features such as pods.

To start the service and keep it running for 5,000 seconds (-t 0 runs forever):

podman system service -t 5000 &

You can then use cURL on the socket using requests documented below.

NOTE: if you install the package podman-docker, it will create a symbolic link for /run/docker.sock to /run/podman/podman.sock

See podman-service(1) for more information.

Quick Examples:

 'podman info'

    curl --unix-socket /run/podman/podman.sock http://d/v3.0.0/libpod/info

 'podman pull'

    curl -XPOST --unix-socket /run/podman/podman.sock -v 'http://d/v3.0.0/images/create?'

 'podman list images'

    curl --unix-socket /run/podman/podman.sock -v 'http://d/v3.0.0/libpod/images/json' | jq

Terms Of Service:

Schemes: http, https
BasePath: /
Version: 3.2.0
License: Apache-2.0
Contact: Podman <>

  - url:
  - altText: "Podman logo"

- application/json
- application/octet-stream
- text/plain

- application/json
- application/x-tar




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const (
	DefaultCorsHeaders       = ""
	DefaultServiceDuration   = 300 * time.Second
	UnlimitedServiceDuration = 0 * time.Second

Number of seconds to wait for next request, if exceeded shutdown server


This section is empty.


func ListenUnix

func ListenUnix(network string, path string) (net.Listener, error)

ListenUnix follows stdlib net.Listen() API, providing a unix listener for given path

ListenUnix will delete and create files/directories as needed

func VersionedPath

func VersionedPath(p string) string

VersionedPath prepends the version parsing code any handler may override this default when registering URL(s)


type APIServer

type APIServer struct {
	http.Server        // The  HTTP work happens here
	*schema.Decoder    // Decoder for Query parameters to structs
	context.Context    // Context to carry objects to handlers
	*libpod.Runtime    // Where the real work happens
	net.Listener       // mux for routing HTTP API calls to libpod routines
	context.CancelFunc // Stop APIServer

	CorsHeaders string // Inject CORS headers to each request
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewServer

func NewServer(runtime *libpod.Runtime) (*APIServer, error)

NewServer will create and configure a new API server with all defaults

func NewServerWithSettings

func NewServerWithSettings(runtime *libpod.Runtime, listener *net.Listener, opts Options) (*APIServer, error)

NewServerWithSettings will create and configure a new API server using provided settings

func (*APIServer) APIHandler

func (s *APIServer) APIHandler(h http.HandlerFunc) http.HandlerFunc

APIHandler is a wrapper to enhance HandlerFunc's and remove redundant code

func (*APIServer) Close

func (s *APIServer) Close() error

Close immediately stops responding to clients and exits

func (*APIServer) RegisterSwaggerHandlers

func (s *APIServer) RegisterSwaggerHandlers(r *mux.Router) error

RegisterSwaggerHandlers maps the swagger endpoint for the server

func (*APIServer) Serve

func (s *APIServer) Serve() error

Serve starts responding to HTTP requests.

func (*APIServer) Shutdown

func (s *APIServer) Shutdown() error

Shutdown is a clean shutdown waiting on existing clients

type Options added in v3.3.0

type Options struct {
	Timeout     time.Duration
	CorsHeaders string


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