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const (
	// PolicyDefault is the default policy denoting no auto updates.
	PolicyDefault Policy = "disabled"
	// PolicyRegistryImage is the policy to update as soon as there's a new image found.
	PolicyRegistryImage = "registry"
	// PolicyLocalImage is the policy to run auto-update based on a local image
	PolicyLocalImage = "local"
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const AuthfileLabel = "io.containers.autoupdate.authfile"

Label denotes the container label key to specify authfile in container labels.

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const Label = "io.containers.autoupdate"

Label denotes the container/pod label key to specify auto-update policies in container labels.


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func AutoUpdate

func AutoUpdate(ctx context.Context, runtime *libpod.Runtime, options entities.AutoUpdateOptions) ([]*entities.AutoUpdateReport, []error)

AutoUpdate looks up containers with a specified auto-update policy and acts accordingly.

If the policy is set to PolicyRegistryImage, it checks if the image on the remote registry is different than the local one. If the image digests differ, it pulls the remote image and restarts the systemd unit running the container.

If the policy is set to PolicyLocalImage, it checks if the image of a running container is different than the local one. If the image digests differ, it restarts the systemd unit with the new image.

It returns a slice of successfully restarted systemd units and a slice of errors encountered during auto update.

func ValidateImageReference

func ValidateImageReference(imageName string) error

ValidateImageReference checks if the specified imageName is a fully-qualified image reference to the docker transport (without digest). Such a reference includes a domain, name and tag (e.g., The reference may also be prefixed with "docker://" explicitly indicating that it's a reference to the docker transport.


type Policy

type Policy string

Policy represents an auto-update policy.

func LookupPolicy

func LookupPolicy(s string) (Policy, error)

LookupPolicy looks up the corresponding Policy for the specified string. If none is found, an errors is returned including the list of supported policies.

Note that an empty string resolved to PolicyDefault.

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