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func APIBaseURL

func APIBaseURL() string

APIBaseURL returns Containership Cloud API url

func AgentInformerSyncInterval

func AgentInformerSyncInterval() time.Duration

AgentInformerSyncInterval returns the agent informer sync interval

func AuthBaseURL

func AuthBaseURL() string

AuthBaseURL returns Containership Cloud Auth url

func CSCloudEnvironment

func CSCloudEnvironment() string

CSCloudEnvironment returns Containership Cloud environment

func CSServerPort

func CSServerPort() string

CSServerPort returns cluster-manager http server port

func CloudClusterAPIKey

func CloudClusterAPIKey() string

CloudClusterAPIKey returns Containership Cloud cluster api key

func ClusterID

func ClusterID() string

ClusterID returns Containership Cloud cluster id

func ContainershipCloudSyncInterval

func ContainershipCloudSyncInterval() time.Duration

ContainershipCloudSyncInterval returns the cloud sync interval

func CoordinatorInformerSyncInterval

func CoordinatorInformerSyncInterval() time.Duration

CoordinatorInformerSyncInterval returns the coordinator informer sync interval

func Dump

func Dump()

Dump dumps the environment if we're in a development or stage environment

func IsClusterManagementPluginSyncDisabled

func IsClusterManagementPluginSyncDisabled() bool

IsClusterManagementPluginSyncDisabled returns true if syncing of cluster management plugin is disabled

func IsClusterUpgradeEnabled

func IsClusterUpgradeEnabled() bool

IsClusterUpgradeEnabled returns true if cluster upgrade is enabled, else false

func Kubeconfig

func Kubeconfig() string

Kubeconfig returns kubeconfig file if defined

func KubectlPath

func KubectlPath() string

KubectlPath returns the path to use the kubectl command

func NodeName

func NodeName() string

NodeName returns the name of the node that is running the process

func OrganizationID

func OrganizationID() string

OrganizationID returns Containership Cloud organization id

func ProvisionBaseURL

func ProvisionBaseURL() string

ProvisionBaseURL returns Containership Cloud Provision url


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