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type Ingress

type Ingress struct {
	Name  string   `json:"name"`
	Rules RuleList `json:"rules"`

func IngressFromKube

func IngressFromKube(kubeIngress kubeModels.Ingress) Ingress

func (Ingress) Copy

func (ingr Ingress) Copy() Ingress

func (Ingress) Host

func (ingr Ingress) Host() string

func (Ingress) MarshalJSON

func (ingr Ingress) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (Ingress) MarshalYAML

func (ingr Ingress) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

func (Ingress) RenderJSON

func (ingr Ingress) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (Ingress) RenderTable

func (ingress Ingress) RenderTable() string

func (Ingress) RenderYAML

func (ingr Ingress) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (Ingress) String

func (ingress Ingress) String() string

func (Ingress) TableHeaders

func (ingress Ingress) TableHeaders() []string

func (Ingress) TableRows

func (ingress Ingress) TableRows() [][]string

func (Ingress) ToKube

func (ingr Ingress) ToKube() kubeModels.Ingress

func (*Ingress) UnmarshalJSON

func (ingr *Ingress) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

func (*Ingress) UnmarshalYAML

func (ingr *Ingress) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

type IngressList

type IngressList []Ingress

func IngressListFromKube

func IngressListFromKube(kubeList kubeModels.IngressesList) IngressList

func (IngressList) Append

func (list IngressList) Append(ing ...Ingress) IngressList

func (IngressList) Copy

func (list IngressList) Copy() IngressList

func (IngressList) Delete

func (list IngressList) Delete(i int) IngressList

func (IngressList) Empty

func (list IngressList) Empty() bool

func (IngressList) GetByName

func (list IngressList) GetByName(name string) (Ingress, bool)

func (IngressList) Head

func (list IngressList) Head() Ingress

func (IngressList) Len

func (list IngressList) Len() int

func (IngressList) RenderJSON

func (list IngressList) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (IngressList) RenderTable

func (list IngressList) RenderTable() string

func (IngressList) RenderYAML

func (list IngressList) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (IngressList) TableHeaders

func (IngressList) TableHeaders() []string

func (IngressList) TableRows

func (list IngressList) TableRows() [][]string

func (IngressList) ToKube

func (list IngressList) ToKube() kubeModels.IngressesList

type Path

type Path kubeModels.Path

func PathFromKube

func PathFromKube(kubePath kubeModels.Path) Path

func (Path) ToKube

func (path Path) ToKube() kubeModels.Path

type PathList

type PathList []Path

func PathListFromKube

func PathListFromKube(kubeList []kubeModels.Path) PathList

func (PathList) Append

func (list PathList) Append(paths ...Path) PathList

func (PathList) Copy

func (list PathList) Copy() PathList

func (*PathList) Delete

func (list *PathList) Delete(i int) PathList

func (PathList) Empty

func (list PathList) Empty() bool

func (PathList) Head

func (list PathList) Head() Path

func (PathList) Len

func (list PathList) Len() int

func (PathList) Paths

func (list PathList) Paths() []string

func (PathList) Services

func (list PathList) Services() []Service

func (PathList) ServicesNames

func (list PathList) ServicesNames() []string

func (PathList) ServicesPorts

func (list PathList) ServicesPorts() []int

func (PathList) ServicesTableView

func (list PathList) ServicesTableView() []string

func (PathList) ToKube

func (list PathList) ToKube() []kubeModels.Path

type Rule

type Rule struct {
	Host      string   `json:"host"`
	TLSSecret string   `json:"tls_secret,omitempty"`
	Paths     PathList `json:"paths"`

func RuleFromKube

func RuleFromKube(kubeRule kubeModels.Rule) Rule

func (Rule) Copy

func (rule Rule) Copy() Rule

func (Rule) ToKube

func (rule Rule) ToKube() kubeModels.Rule

type RuleList

type RuleList []Rule

func RuleListFromKube

func RuleListFromKube(kubeList []kubeModels.Rule) RuleList

func (RuleList) Append

func (list RuleList) Append(rules ...Rule) RuleList

func (RuleList) Copy

func (list RuleList) Copy() RuleList

func (RuleList) Delete

func (list RuleList) Delete(i int) RuleList

func (RuleList) Empty

func (list RuleList) Empty() bool

func (RuleList) Head

func (list RuleList) Head() Rule

func (RuleList) Hosts

func (list RuleList) Hosts() []string

func (RuleList) Len

func (list RuleList) Len() int

func (RuleList) Paths

func (list RuleList) Paths() PathList

func (RuleList) Services

func (list RuleList) Services() []Service

func (RuleList) ServicesNames

func (list RuleList) ServicesNames() []string

func (RuleList) ServicesTableView

func (list RuleList) ServicesTableView() []string

func (RuleList) ToKube

func (list RuleList) ToKube() []kubeModels.Rule

type Service

type Service struct {
	Name string
	Port int


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