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type Deployment

type Deployment struct {
	Name        string
	Replicas    int
	Status      *Status
	Active      bool
	Version     semver.Version
	CreatedAt   time.Time
	TotalCPU    uint
	TotalMemory uint
	SolutionID  string
	Containers  container.ContainerList

func DeploymentFromKube

func DeploymentFromKube(kubeDeployment model.Deployment) Deployment

func (Deployment) Copy

func (depl Deployment) Copy() Deployment

func (Deployment) MarshalJSON

func (depl Deployment) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (Deployment) MarshalYAML

func (depl Deployment) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

func (Deployment) RenderJSON

func (depl Deployment) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (Deployment) RenderTable

func (depl Deployment) RenderTable() string

func (Deployment) RenderYAML

func (depl Deployment) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (*Deployment) StatusString

func (depl *Deployment) StatusString() string

func (Deployment) TableHeaders

func (Deployment) TableHeaders() []string

func (*Deployment) TableRows

func (depl *Deployment) TableRows() [][]string

func (*Deployment) ToKube

func (depl *Deployment) ToKube() model.Deployment

func (*Deployment) UnmarshalJSON

func (depl *Deployment) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

func (*Deployment) UnmarshalYAML

func (depl *Deployment) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

type DeploymentList

type DeploymentList []Deployment

func DeploymentListFromKube

func DeploymentListFromKube(kubeList model.DeploymentsList) DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) Active

func (list DeploymentList) Active() DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) Copy

func (list DeploymentList) Copy() DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) Filter

func (list DeploymentList) Filter(pred func(depl Deployment) bool) DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) GetByName

func (list DeploymentList) GetByName(name string) (Deployment, bool)

func (DeploymentList) Inactive

func (list DeploymentList) Inactive() DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) Len

func (list DeploymentList) Len() int

func (DeploymentList) Names

func (list DeploymentList) Names() []string

func (DeploymentList) New

func (list DeploymentList) New() DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) RenderJSON

func (list DeploymentList) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (DeploymentList) RenderTable

func (list DeploymentList) RenderTable() string

func (DeploymentList) RenderYAML

func (list DeploymentList) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (DeploymentList) SortByLess

func (list DeploymentList) SortByLess(less func(a, b Deployment) bool) DeploymentList

func (DeploymentList) TableHeaders

func (_ DeploymentList) TableHeaders() []string

func (DeploymentList) TableRows

func (list DeploymentList) TableRows() [][]string

func (DeploymentList) Versions

func (list DeploymentList) Versions() []semver.Version

type Status

type Status struct {
	NonTerminated       uint
	ReadyReplicas       uint
	AvailableReplicas   uint
	UnavailableReplicas uint
	UpdatedReplicas     uint

func StatusFromKubeStatus

func StatusFromKubeStatus(kubeStatus kubeModel.DeploymentStatus) Status

func (*Status) ToKube

func (status *Status) ToKube() *kubeModel.DeploymentStatus


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