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const (
	ErrInvalidContainer  chkitErrors.Err = "invalid container"
	ErrInvalidDeployment chkitErrors.Err = "invalid deployment"


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func Fill

func Fill(depl *deployment.Deployment)

func FromFile

func FromFile(filename string) (deployment.Deployment, error)

func ValidateContainer

func ValidateContainer(cont container.Container) error

func ValidateDeployment

func ValidateDeployment(depl deployment.Deployment) error


type Flags

type Flags struct {
	Force bool `flag:"force f" desc:"suppress confirmation, optional"`
	// Output   string `flag:"output o" desc:"output format, json/yaml"`
	Version       string   `desc:"custom deployment semantic version"`
	Replicas      uint     `desc:"deployment replicas, optional"` // deployment
	Name          string   `desc:"deployment name, optional"`     // deployment
	ContainerName string   `desc:"container name in case of single container"`
	Image         []string `desc:"container image,\nCONTAINER_NAME@IMAGE in case of multiple containers or IMAGE in case of one container"` // container +

	Env []string `` // container +
	/* 133-byte string literal not displayed */

	Memory []string `desc:"container memory limit, Mb,\nCONTAINER_NAME@MEMORY in case of multiple containers or MEMORY in case of one container"` // container +

	CPU []string `desc:"container memory limit, mCPU,\nCONTAINER_NAME@CPU in case of multiple containers or CPU in case of one container"` // container +

	Volume []string `` // container +
	/* 228-byte string literal not displayed */

	Configmap []string `` // container +
	/* 243-byte string literal not displayed */
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func FlagsFromDeployment

func FlagsFromDeployment(oldflags Flags, depl deployment.Deployment) Flags

func (Flags) BuildContainers

func (flags Flags) BuildContainers() (chkitContainer.ContainerList, error)

func (Flags) Deployment

func (flags Flags) Deployment() (deployment.Deployment, error)

type Wizard

type Wizard struct {
	Deployment *deployment.Deployment
	EditName   bool
	Configmaps []string
	Volumes    []string

func (Wizard) Run

func (config Wizard) Run() deployment.Deployment

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