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type Namespace

type Namespace kubeModel.Namespace

func NamespaceFromKube

func NamespaceFromKube(kubeNameSpace kubeModel.Namespace) Namespace

func (Namespace) Age

func (namespace Namespace) Age() string

func (Namespace) Copy

func (namespace Namespace) Copy() Namespace

func (Namespace) LabelAndID

func (namespace Namespace) LabelAndID() string

func (Namespace) MarshalJSON

func (ns Namespace) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (Namespace) MarshalYAML

func (ns Namespace) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

func (Namespace) MatchLabel

func (namespace Namespace) MatchLabel(label string) bool

func (Namespace) OwnerAndLabel

func (namespace Namespace) OwnerAndLabel() string

func (Namespace) RenderJSON

func (ns Namespace) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (Namespace) RenderTable

func (namespace Namespace) RenderTable() string

func (Namespace) RenderYAML

func (ns Namespace) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (Namespace) TableHeaders

func (Namespace) TableHeaders() []string

func (Namespace) TableRows

func (namespace Namespace) TableRows() [][]string

func (Namespace) ToKube

func (namespace Namespace) ToKube() kubeModel.Namespace

func (Namespace) UsageCPU

func (namespace Namespace) UsageCPU() string

func (Namespace) UsageMemory

func (namespace Namespace) UsageMemory() string

func (Namespace) UserNames

func (namespace Namespace) UserNames() []string

type NamespaceList

type NamespaceList []Namespace

func NamespaceListFromKube

func NamespaceListFromKube(kubeList kubeModels.NamespacesList) NamespaceList

func (NamespaceList) Append

func (list NamespaceList) Append(ns Namespace) NamespaceList

func (NamespaceList) Copy

func (list NamespaceList) Copy() NamespaceList

func (NamespaceList) Filter

func (list NamespaceList) Filter(pred func(Namespace) bool) NamespaceList

func (NamespaceList) Get

func (list NamespaceList) Get(i int) Namespace

func (NamespaceList) GetByLabelAndOwner

func (list NamespaceList) GetByLabelAndOwner(owner, label string) (Namespace, bool)

func (NamespaceList) GetByUserFriendlyID

func (list NamespaceList) GetByUserFriendlyID(id string) (Namespace, bool)

get Namespace by string $LABEL or $OWNER_LOGIN/$LABEL

func (NamespaceList) GetDefault

func (list NamespaceList) GetDefault(i int, defaultNs Namespace) (Namespace, bool)

func (NamespaceList) Head

func (list NamespaceList) Head() (Namespace, bool)

func (NamespaceList) IDs

func (list NamespaceList) IDs() []string

func (NamespaceList) Labels

func (list NamespaceList) Labels() []string

func (NamespaceList) LabelsAndIDs

func (list NamespaceList) LabelsAndIDs() []string

func (NamespaceList) Len

func (list NamespaceList) Len() int

func (NamespaceList) New

func (list NamespaceList) New() NamespaceList

func (NamespaceList) OwnersAndLabels

func (list NamespaceList) OwnersAndLabels() []string

func (NamespaceList) RenderJSON

func (list NamespaceList) RenderJSON() (string, error)

func (NamespaceList) RenderTable

func (list NamespaceList) RenderTable() string

func (NamespaceList) RenderYAML

func (list NamespaceList) RenderYAML() (string, error)

func (NamespaceList) TableHeaders

func (_ NamespaceList) TableHeaders() []string

func (NamespaceList) TableRows

func (list NamespaceList) TableRows() [][]string

func (NamespaceList) ToKube

func (list NamespaceList) ToKube() kubeModels.NamespacesList

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