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Published: Jul 23, 2017 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 15 Imported by: 0



Defines all the CLI command definitions and execution against internal frameworks



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const (
	T_CONFIG_ENV = `` /* 194-byte string literal not displayed */

	NAME_FLAG     = "name"
	URL_FLAG      = "url"
	USER_FLAG     = "user"
	TOKEN_FLAG    = "token"
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const (
	FlagVerbose      = "verbose"
	EnvDepconMode    = "DEPCON_MODE"
	ModeMarathon     = "marathon"
	EnvMarathonHost  = "MARATHON_HOST"
	EnvMarathonUser  = "MARATHON_USER"
	EnvMarathonPass  = "MARATHON_PASS"
	EnvMarathonToken = "MARATHON_TOKEN"
	FlagEnv          = "env"
	ViperEnv         = "env_name"
	EnvHelp          = `` /* 128-byte string literal not displayed */
	DepConHelp       = `` /* 213-byte string literal not displayed */

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const (
	FLAG_FORMAT string = "output"
	TypeJSON    string = "json"
	TypeYAML    string = "yaml"
	TypeColumn  string = "column"


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var (
	Version   string = ""
	BuildDate string = ""
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var ErrInvalidOutputFormat = errors.New("Invalid Output specified. Must be 'json','yaml' or 'column'")
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var ErrInvalidRootOption = errors.New("Invalid chroot option specified. Must be 'true' or 'false'")
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var ValidOutputs []string = []string{"json", "yaml", "column"}


func Execute

func Execute()

Main Entry point called by main - responsible for detecting if this is a first run without a config to force initial setup

func PrintError

func PrintError(err error)

func PrintFormat

func PrintFormat(formatter cli.Formatter)

func Usage added in v0.9.2

func Usage(c *cobra.Command) func() error


type ConfigEnvironments

type ConfigEnvironments struct {
	DefaultEnv string
	Envs       map[string]*cliconfig.ConfigEnvironment

type ConfigTemplate added in v0.8.6

type ConfigTemplate struct {

func (ConfigTemplate) Data added in v0.8.6

func (d ConfigTemplate) Data() cli.FormatData

func (ConfigTemplate) ToColumns added in v0.8.6

func (d ConfigTemplate) ToColumns(output io.Writer) error

type EnvironmentSummary added in v0.8.6

type EnvironmentSummary struct {
	Name    string
	EnvType string
	HostURL string
	Auth    bool
	Default bool


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