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func ChiRouteName

func ChiRouteName(r *http.Request) string

ChiRouteName replace route parameters from the Chi route mux with "*"

func MethodAndPathCleanID

func MethodAndPathCleanID(r *http.Request) string

MethodAndPathCleanID replace string values that look like ids (uuids and int) with "*"

func PathWithCleanID

func PathWithCleanID(r *http.Request) string

PathWithCleanID replace string values that look like ids (uuids and int) with "*"

func WithCORS

func WithCORS(allowedOrigins, allowedMethods, allowedHeaders []string, allowCredentials bool) server.Option

WithCORS configures CORS on the webserver

func WithCORSWideOpen

func WithCORSWideOpen() server.Option

WithCORSWideOpen allows requests from all origins with all methods and all headers/cookies/credentials allowed.

func WithLogging

func WithLogging(app string) server.Option

WithLogging configures a logrus middleware for that server

func WithMetrics

func WithMetrics(app string, opNameFunc func(r *http.Request) string) server.Option

WithMetrics configures metrics collection

func WithRecovery

func WithRecovery(writer io.Writer, printStack bool) server.Option

WithRecovery configures panic recovery for that server

func WithTracing

func WithTracing(app string, tags map[string]string, opNameFunc func(r *http.Request) string) server.Option

WithTracing configures tracing for that server; if configuration fails, WithTracing will panic


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