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func Validation

Validation generates OpenAPIV3 validator for SFC CRD


type Handler

type Handler struct {
	CrdClient *crdClientSet.Clientset

Handler implements the Handler interface for CRD<->KVDB Reflector.

func (*Handler) CrdKeyPrefix

func (h *Handler) CrdKeyPrefix() (prefix string, underKsrPrefix bool)

CrdKeyPrefix returns the longest-common prefix under which the instances of the given CRD are reflected into KVDB.

func (*Handler) CrdName

func (h *Handler) CrdName() string

CrdName returns name of the CRD.

func (*Handler) CrdObjectToKVData

func (h *Handler) CrdObjectToKVData(obj interface{}) (data []kvdbreflector.KVData, err error)

CrdObjectToKVData converts the K8s representation of NodeConfig into the corresponding proto message representation.

func (*Handler) IsCrdKeySuffix

func (h *Handler) IsCrdKeySuffix(keySuffix string) bool

IsCrdKeySuffix always returns true - the key prefix does not overlap with other CRDs or KSR-reflected K8s data.

func (*Handler) IsExclusiveKVDB

func (h *Handler) IsExclusiveKVDB() bool

IsExclusiveKVDB returns true - this is the only writer for ServiceFunctionChain KVs in the database.

func (*Handler) PublishCrdStatus

func (h *Handler) PublishCrdStatus(obj interface{}, opRetval error) error

PublishCrdStatus updates the resource Status information.


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