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const (
	// KsrK8sPrefix defines the common prefix for all K8s items that KSR stores
	// in the data store.
	KsrK8sPrefix = "k8s"
	// KsrStsPrefix defines the prefix for the plugin status that KSR stores
	// in the data store.
	KsrStsPrefix = "status"
	// NamespaceID defines keyword identifying a given K8s item's namespace".
	NamespaceID = "namespace"


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func Key

func Key(keyType string, name string, namespace string) string

Key returns the key under which a configuration for a given K8s item should be stored in the data-store.

func KeyPrefix

func KeyPrefix(keyType string) string

KeyPrefix returns the common prefix for all K8s items of a given data type.

func ParseNameFromKey

func ParseNameFromKey(keyType string, key string) (name string, namespace string, err error)

ParseNameFromKey parses item name and namespace ids from the associated data-store key.


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