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type CRDReport

type CRDReport struct {

CRDReport implements generation of reports to CRD

func (*CRDReport) GenerateCRDReport

func (cr *CRDReport) GenerateCRDReport()

GenerateCRDReport updates the CRD status in Kubernetes with the current status from the sfc-controller

type Deps

type Deps struct {
	Lister             listers.TelemetryReportLister
	Log                logging.Logger
	CollectionInterval time.Duration
	CrdClient          *crdClientSet.Clientset
	VppCache           api.VppCache
	K8sCache           api.K8sCache
	Report             api.Report

Deps lists dependencies of CRDReport.

type Handler

type Handler struct {

Handler handler implements Handler interface

func (*Handler) Init

func (h *Handler) Init() error

Init initializes handler configuration Do nothing for telemetry handler

func (*Handler) ObjectCreated

func (h *Handler) ObjectCreated(obj interface{}) error

ObjectCreated is called when a CRD object is created

func (*Handler) ObjectDeleted

func (h *Handler) ObjectDeleted(obj interface{}) error

ObjectDeleted is called when a CRD object is deleted

func (*Handler) ObjectUpdated

func (h *Handler) ObjectUpdated(oldObj, newObj interface{}) error

ObjectUpdated is called when a CRD object is updated

func (*Handler) PublishStatus

func (h *Handler) PublishStatus(obj interface{}, opRetval error) error

PublishStatus does nothing for telemetry handler - status is regularly updated by CRDReport.

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