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type Deps

type Deps struct {
	Log              logging.Logger
	Config           *config.Config
	ContivConf       contivconf.API
	IDAlloc          idalloc.API
	IPAM             ipam.API
	IPNet            ipnet.API
	NodeSync         nodesync.API
	UpdateTxnFactory func(change string) (txn controller.UpdateOperations)
	ResyncTxnFactory func() (txn controller.ResyncOperations)
	Stats            statscollector.API /* used for exporting the statistics */

Deps lists dependencies of the Renderer.

type Renderer

type Renderer struct {

Renderer implements L2 cross-connect -based rendering of SFC in Contiv-VPP.

func (*Renderer) AddChain

func (rndr *Renderer) AddChain(sfc *renderer.ContivSFC) error

AddChain is called for a newly added service function chain.

func (*Renderer) AfterInit

func (rndr *Renderer) AfterInit() error

AfterInit does nothing for this renderer.

func (*Renderer) Close

func (rndr *Renderer) Close() error

Close deallocates resources held by the renderer.

func (*Renderer) DeleteChain

func (rndr *Renderer) DeleteChain(sfc *renderer.ContivSFC) error

DeleteChain is called for every removed service function chain.

func (*Renderer) Init

func (rndr *Renderer) Init() error

Init initializes the renderer.

func (*Renderer) Resync

func (rndr *Renderer) Resync(resyncEv *renderer.ResyncEventData) error

Resync completely replaces the current configuration with the provided full state of service chains.

func (*Renderer) UpdateChain

func (rndr *Renderer) UpdateChain(oldSFC, newSFC *renderer.ContivSFC) error

UpdateChain informs renderer about a change in the configuration or in the state of a service function chain.

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