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var ErrItemUnavailable = errors.New("Pool Item not avaialable")

ErrItemUnavailable Error when an item cannot be allocated fromt the pool


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type Item

type Item struct {
	Item interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Item wrapper type for items stored in pool

type ItemFactory

type ItemFactory func() (interface{}, error)

ItemFactory function to create an item for the pool

type Pool

type Pool interface {
	// Borrow item from pool, returns ErrItemUnavailable if none available
	Borrow() (*Item, error)

	// Borrow item from pool, wait timeout. If timeout < 0 wait indefinitely. Returns ErrItemUnavailable if object not available
	BorrowWait(timeout time.Duration) (*Item, error)

	// Return item back to pool
	Return(item *Item) error

	// Remove removes the object from the pool
	Remove(item *Item) error

	//Returns the current number of items borrowed
	Borrowed() int

	//Returns the current number of items in the pool (not borrowed)
	Idle() int

Pool interface for pooling arbitrary objects

func NewPool

func NewPool(capacity int, itemFactory ItemFactory) (Pool, error)

NewPool create a pool with a capacity and factory for creating items.

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