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func MustResolve

func MustResolve(wd string) string

MustResolve returns an absolute path or panics if the underlying sys call fails


type ChildMinder

type ChildMinder struct {
	// Logger is the logger the simulator will use
	Logger *logrus.Logger
	// The working directory of the chlid process
	WorkingDir string
	// Environment is the variables to append to the parent's environment when
	// running the child process
	Environment []string
	// CommandPath is the path to the command to run
	CommandPath string
	// CommmandArguments are the arguments to supply to the command
	CommandArguments []string

ChildMinder represents a child process to be managed

func NewChildMinder

func NewChildMinder(
	logger *logrus.Logger,
	wd string,
	env []string,
	cmd string,
	args ...string) *ChildMinder

NewChildMinder creates an instance of a ChildMinder

func (*ChildMinder) ForwardStdErr

func (cm *ChildMinder) ForwardStdErr(stderrPipe io.Reader, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

ForwardStdErr takes a child process's stderr pipe and reads it line by line passing the output through the ChildMinder's logger

func (*ChildMinder) ForwardStdOut

func (cm *ChildMinder) ForwardStdOut(stdoutPipe io.Reader, wg *sync.WaitGroup)

ForwardStdOut takes a child process's stdout pipe and reads it line by line passing the output through the ChildMinder's logger

func (*ChildMinder) Run

func (cm *ChildMinder) Run() (*string, error)

Run runs a child process and returns its buffer stdout. Run also tees the output to stdout of this process, `env` will be appended to the current environment. `wd` is the working directory for the child

func (*ChildMinder) RunSilently

func (cm *ChildMinder) RunSilently() (*string, *string, error)

RunSilently runs a sub command silently

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