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Package scenario is a package for loading scenario manifests from a `scenarios.yaml` file and accessing and manipulating them programmatically.



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type Manifest

type Manifest struct {
	// Name - the name of the manifest e.g. scenarios
	Name string `yaml:"name"`
	// Kind - unique name and version string idenitfying the schema of this
	// document
	Kind string `yaml:"kind"`
	// Scenarios - a list of Scenario structs representing the scenarios
	Scenarios []Scenario `yaml:"scenarios"`

Manifest structure representing a `scenarios.yaml` document

func LoadManifest

func LoadManifest(manifestPath string) (*Manifest, error)

LoadManifest loads a manifest named `scenarios.yaml` from the supplied path

func (*Manifest) Contains

func (m *Manifest) Contains(id string) bool

Contains returns a boolean indicating whether a ScenarioManifest contains a Scenario with the supplied id

func (*Manifest) Find

func (m *Manifest) Find(id string) *Scenario

Find returns a scenario for the supplied id

type Scenario

type Scenario struct {
	// A machine parseable unique id for the scenario
	Id string `yaml:"id"`
	// Path to the scenario - paths are relative to the ScenarioManifest that
	// defines this scenario
	Path string `yaml:"path"`
	// A human-friendly readable name for this scenario for use in user interfaces
	DisplayName string `yaml:"name"`
	// A Difficulty level for this scenario for use in user interfaces
	Difficulty string `yaml:"difficulty"`
	// A short description of the scenario to be used in the user interfaces
	Description string `yaml:"description"`
	// The category of the scenario to be used in the user interfaces
	Category string `yaml:"category"`

Scenario structure representing a scenario

func (*Scenario) Validate

func (s *Scenario) Validate(manifestPath string) error

Validate a scenario relative to its manifest

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