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func AppendLogicalError added in v0.11.2

func AppendLogicalError(err error) error

AppendLogicalError checks if the given error is a known AWS error we modify, and if so then returns a go-multierror, appending the original and the logical error. If the error is not an AWS error, or not an error we wish to modify, then return the original error.

func CheckAWSError added in v0.11.2

func CheckAWSError(err error) error

CheckAWSError will examine an error and convert to a logical error if appropriate. If no appropriate error is found, return nil


type CredentialsConfig

type CredentialsConfig struct {
	// The access key if static credentials are being used
	AccessKey string

	// The secret key if static credentials are being used
	SecretKey string

	// The session token if it is being used
	SessionToken string

	// If specified, the region will be provided to the config of the
	// EC2RoleProvider's client. This may be useful if you want to e.g. reuse
	// the client elsewhere.
	Region string

	// The filename for the shared credentials provider, if being used
	Filename string

	// The profile for the shared credentials provider, if being used
	Profile string

	// The http.Client to use, or nil for the client to use its default
	HTTPClient *http.Client

func (*CredentialsConfig) GenerateCredentialChain

func (c *CredentialsConfig) GenerateCredentialChain() (*credentials.Credentials, error)

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