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func Controllers

func Controllers() ([]byte, error)

func Routes

func Routes() ([]byte, error)

func SDK

func SDK() ([]byte, error)


type Arg

type Arg struct {
	Name string
	Type reflect.Type

func (*Arg) Int

func (a *Arg) Int() bool

func (*Arg) Option

func (a *Arg) Option() bool

func (*Arg) Path

func (a *Arg) Path(m Method) bool

func (*Arg) Slice

func (a *Arg) Slice() bool

func (*Arg) Stream

func (a *Arg) Stream() bool

type Method

type Method struct {
	Name    string
	Route   Route
	Args    []Arg
	Returns []reflect.Type

func Methods

func Methods() ([]Method, error)

func (*Method) Any

func (m *Method) Any() bool

func (*Method) Ints

func (m *Method) Ints() []Arg

func (*Method) Option

func (m *Method) Option() *Arg

func (*Method) Reader

func (m *Method) Reader() bool

func (*Method) ReturnType

func (m *Method) ReturnType() (reflect.Type, error)

func (*Method) ReturnsValue

func (m *Method) ReturnsValue() bool

func (*Method) Socket

func (m *Method) Socket() bool

func (*Method) SocketExit

func (m *Method) SocketExit() (bool, error)

func (*Method) Writer

func (m *Method) Writer() string

type Route

type Route struct {
	Method string
	Path   string

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